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Renaissance College
UNB Fredericton

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Community life

Close relationships at Renaissance College create a support network that will guide you through your academic and experiential endeavours. This foundation provides enhanced support and learning opportunities which bolster your ability to transfer these experiences into the real world. 

Renaissance College graduates feel a sense of responsibility for building a just, good and civil society, at all levels. 

Our program is committed to engaging in local, national and global communities through critical thought, inclusive dialogue and direct action. Through community and social interaction, we forge meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Our home

The home of Renaissance College provides a very special atmosphere for students and faculty to work, learn and socialize.

Your core classes take place in this exceptional facility and you are encouraged to use the college at any time for meetings, meals, studying or just relaxing.

Most of our classes take the form of open discussion circles combined with group work in the many communal spaces in the building.

Our commitment to enriching the life of our students and our unique setting create a true sense of belonging and community.

We love our 811 Charlotte Street home.