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Faculty of Kinesiology
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Interdisciplinary Studies

Our Master’s and PhD degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST) provide a unique opportunity for highly motivated graduate students to pursue individualized and innovative interdisciplinary research outside the traditional boundaries of disciplines specific to graduate programs.

The IDST program enables graduate students to bring together theoretical perspectives and knowledge from different disciplines to create new knowledge and a broader understanding of a specific problem, issue or topic.

Students hone in on current issues

Today, students in the IDST program are bringing together various disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches to address problems relevant to their communities such as workplace wellness and childhood obesity.

A student’s course of study is individually designed to meet their needs and research interests and is carried out under the direction and guidance of a research supervisor and an interdisciplinary advisory committee comprised of two or more committee members who provide expertise in the relevant disciplinary areas.

The IDST degrees aim to prepare candidates for careers that require creative thinking beyond disciplinary boundaries and innovative responses to the complex social, economic, scientific and intellectual problems of the 21st century.