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BSc forestry course information

Wildlife Conservation

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Courses & descriptions 

Year 1

Semester 1 (fall)

Biological Principles, Part I

Bio 1001/1006

Resource Mgmt Issues, Ethics and Communication I

ENR 1001

Introduction to Forestry

FOR 1001

Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 1303

The Earth: Its Origin, Evolution and Age

ESCI 1001/1036

Semester 2 (winter)

Biological Principles, Part II

BIO 1012/1017

Resource Mgmt Issues, Ethics and Communication II

ENR 1002

Engineered Systems in Natural Resources

ENR 1611

Calculus for Management Science

MATH 1823


Year 2

Semester 1 (fall)

Introduction to Forest Wildlife Ecology

FOR 2113

Management of Natural Systems

FOR 2006

Autecology of Forest Vegetation

FOR 2425

Soils for Plant Growth

FOR 2505

Statistics for Biology

STATS 2264

Semester 2 (winter)

GIS in Forestry I

FOR 2281/2282

Forestry Inventory and Growth

FOR 2432

Fundamentals of Forest Tree Physiology and Genetics

FOR 2435

Social and Cultural Systems

ENR 2004

Structure and Development of Woody Plants

FOR 2416

Introduction to Hydrometeorology Systems

FOR 2531

Year 3

Semester 1 (fall)

GIS in Forestry II

FOR 2282

Ecology of Populations and Communities

FOR 3445

Silviculture And Stand Intervention Design

FOR 3005

Finite Mathematics for Management Science

MATH 1833

Forest Economics

FOR 3101

Semester 2 (winter)

Photo-interpretation, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Forestry

FOR 3303

Forest Management

FOR 3006

Forest Watershed and Forest Fire Management

FOR 3456

Forest Operations

FOR 2703

Applied Environmental Management

ENR 3002

Year 4

Semester 1 (fall)

Field Camp

FOR 4973

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management

FOR 4545

Forest Landscape Design and Management

FOR 4096

Management Practicum

FOR 4020



Semester 2 (winter)

Integrated Management of Insects and Fungi

FOR 4625

Management Practicum

FOR 4020

Wood Technology

FOR 2803