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Hands-On Learning 

Outdoor Learning

The UNB Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management is a leader in hands-on learning experiences for its students. We offer a number of different avenues by which you can apply your classroom learning to hands-on situations, in-the-field situation including:

  • #WorkTheSummer
  • 4020 Capstone Projects
  • Forest Lands


Ninety-five percent of our students have gained career relevant summer employment earning between $10-$20,000 per summer. We are dedicated to ensuring you become career-ready. Our staff will train you in preparing your resume and interviewing with potential employers. You will have many opportunities to gain career-relevant summer employment that suits your interests. Our student services officer maintains a dynamic job board that lists hundreds of summer and career job vacancies in the natural resource sector. We also arrange for numerous organizations from across Canada to do on-campus interviews with our students for summer and career employment.

  • Students have worked in a number of areas including
    • Wildland Firefighters
    • Urban Forester
    • Harvesting Supervisor
    • Aquatic Monitoring
    • Rabies Coordination
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Summer work experience that will help you gain full-time employment
  • Earn up to $20,000 a summer while working in your field of study

Learn more about #WorkTheSummer and our summer employment opportunities for both the BscF and BscENR programs.

4020 capstone projects

Our fourth-year students engage in a capstone project where they solve real environmental and forest management issues for clients. You will apply the skills you learn in your first three years in a practical way for a client in the local community.  

Current projects include:

  • Indigenous Medicinal and Ceremonial Plants at the UNB Forest
  • Management Strategy for the UNB Noonan Research Forest 
  • Oromocto’s Urban Forestry Management Plan: Phase II
  • Forest Land Management Plan for the University and Creighton Conservation Forests, 2021
  • Creighton Conservation Forest Wildlife Management Plan
  • Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Management in Trout Creek
  • Creating Protected Natural Areas in the Ganong Eco-district under Changing Climate Conditions.
  • Saint John River Muskellunge Sustainability

 Learn more about our capstone projects

University Forest Lands

We maintain five private parcels of forest land for use by students and professors as a valuable resource in education, conservation and scientific research. The majority of our forest lands are working forests, therefore forest harvesting and thinning operations continue at appropriate intervals designed to provide examples of different forest ages and forest stand structures for teaching labs. We currently maintain 5 parcels of land for use in hands on learning

  • University Forest (UNB Woodlot)
  • Currie Mountain
  • Noonan block
  • Pinder block
  • Springford Reserve 

Learn more about our forest lands