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Your career options with forestry

The undergraduate degree choice that gives you the greatest chance for well-paying employment in a surging natural resources sector. 

Forestry offers many exciting career paths, including:

  • Forest operations supervisor
  • Urban forester
  • Forest GIS analyst
  • Forest/environmental consultant
  • Environmental protection specialist
  • Land use planner
  • Biostatistician

#WorkTheSummer – Forestry

The BScF program provides the best opportunity for a career in the natural resource sector not only after graduation but throughout the program. Ninety-five percent of our students have gained career relevant summer employment earning between $10–$20,000 per summer.

As a BScF student, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, build your network and earn a great salary during the summer months.

“Working in the summer in my field has not only helped me with my school work but it has also helped me a lot financially. I make enough in the summertime to pay my tuition and have some left over.” 

– Chelsey, BScF student working her third summer for JDI as a harvesting supervisor in Sussex, N.B.

“I am working as the intern for the Medway Community Forest Co-op based in Caledonia, Queen's County, Nova Scotia. The MCFC manages 15,000 hectares of the old Bowater land in Annapolis County, with a focus on ecologically responsible and pioneering forest management techniques, such as patch cut removal and producing carbon offsets.” 

– Zack Bernard, ForEM student working for the Medway Community Co-op.

Forestry offers many exciting summer employment paths in the natural resource sector including:

  • Urban forester
  • Tree plant auditor
  • Harvesting supervisor
  • Wildland firefighter

Our students are gaining valuable experience in the summer months across the country doing everything from working as wildland firefighters in Alberta to working with the City of Fredericton’s Urban Forestry crew planning, pruning and removing trees.

At UNB we are dedicated to ensuring you become career-ready. Our staff will train you on preparing your resume and interviewing with potential employers. You will have many opportunities to gain career-relevant summer employment that suits your interests.

Our student services officer maintains a dynamic job board that lists hundreds of summer and career job vacancies in the natural resource sector and also arranges for numerous organizations from across Canada to do on-campus interviews with our students for summer and career employment.