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Bachelor of Science in Forestry

Solving complex forestry problems for the benefit of current and future generations

Your program

Society needs forestry professionals who can design and implement management strategies that balance the often conflicting needs and desires of forest stakeholders. 

Our interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BScF) program helps you understand the forest through courses in forest and wildlife ecology, soil chemistry, forest economics sociology & statistics, hydrology, management and many others.

It also equips you to acquire and analyze information about the forest using advanced technologies such as:

  • GIS
  • GPS
  • growth and yield models
  • forest estate models

Knowledge in these areas is integrated with critical thinking and structured problem solving to help you design management plans that meet social, environmental and economic objectives.

You will learn indoors in our classrooms and laboratories as well as outdoors in our nearby 1,500-hectare forest.

You will also collaborate on projects with scientists and managers at the nearby Federal Atlantic Forestry Research Centre, the headquarters of the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, the cities of Fredericton and Saint John, and with other forestry companies and organizations across the region.

Our Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BScF) prepares you to embark on a challenging and fulfilling career as a forestry professional in rural and urban environments. You will become eligible to acquire a Registered Professional Forester designation that will allow you to be recognized and employed by forestry companies across Canada.

BScF students follow a Course Map, which defines the course requirements taken in each year.

Students interested in transferring into the BScF program from other College or University programs should visit our transfer student page.

Program highlights

Student experience

We offer a uniquely integrated program structure with capstone real-world projects, indoor/outdoor labs, and a family atmosphere that facilitates a real comradery with your classmates and where professors get to know you by your first name.

Career readiness

We help you develop your resume, we conduct mock interviews, teach you time management skills, maintain a job bank, and have an employment officer focused on connecting you with potential employers.

Summer work experiences

These are plentiful, varied and high paying: approximately 95 percent of our students gain career-relevant summer work earning between $10-$20,000 per summer. Employers come to our faculty from across Canada each year to interview our students on-site. 

Full-time employment opportunities and success

These are also plentiful, varied and high paying.

  • Approximately 95 percent of our students gain full-time work in the natural resource sector, with a starting salary between $40-$60,000 per year, and increasing to $100-$200,000 for mid- to late careers.
  • Proven track record for over 100 years producing highly sought-after natural resource managers who are employed in every Canadian province.
  • Forestry graduates are employed in various capacities including forest management, parks management, fire management and control, urban forestry, forest operations, forest conservation and much more.