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The Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management is pleased to announce the return of #WorkTheSummer. We encourage all current ForEM Students and 2017 alumni to submit their photos or videos showcasing their amazing summer jobs. Our faculty brings a unique opportunity for students to gain career relevant work experience with their summer jobs. We look forward to seeing how you #WorkTheSummer.


We'll choose the best photo/video entry every Thursday and the winner will receive an iTunes gift card.

Guidelines & submissions

Entries must be submitted between July 1 and Aug. 31, 2017. The contest is open to all forestry & environmental management students and graduates from 2017. Your video or photo must be something you see, do, or experience during your work day. Your video or photo entry must be submitted through Instagram. It must contain the hashtags #WorkTheSummer and #OnlyHere. You can upload a maximum of one video or photo throughout the contest.

The fine-print

The 2017 #WorkTheSummer Instagram contest will run from July 1 - Aug. 31. One winner will win a iTunes gift card for the best photo or video that captures the #WorkTheSummer experience every Thursday. 

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (UNBForEM) to see the winners. 

Disclaimer: this contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

2017 entries

Anika entry

@anikahodgson "Mountain Lake your a beauty. #kejimkujik #WorkTheSummer #OnlyHere"

Christina Davis

@christinadavis94 "We had so much fun planting this week WE WENT BACK! So excited to be helping with such an awesome project 🌲 #bringbacktheboreal @parks.canada #ilovemyjob #skylinetrail #plantingtrees #capebretonhighlands #parkslife#parkscanada #canada150 #workthesummer #onlyhere #parkschallenge"

Nick Mchatten

@nickmchatten "This summer I am working for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, based out of the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington, Ontario. I am a part of the Asian Carp Monitoring program, which acts to prevent the entry of invasive Asian Carps into the Great Lakes and their tributaries. The job involves traveling throughout South Western Ontario and sampling various lakes, rivers and streams in search of Asian Carps.

This photo is of a Common Carp, which are now well established in Ontario. The Common Carp was introduced into aquaculture ponds in the United States in the 1800’s and are now common throughout North America. These fish show how rapidly an invasive species can establish itself in a foreign environment.

Asian carps are highly invasive and threaten the native ecosystems that they are introduced into. Bighead, Grass and Silver carps are of immediate concern due to the threat that they pose to the Great Lakes. These species currently inhabit numerous waterways throughout the United States including the middle and lower segments of the Illinois River, upper Illinois River and the Chicago Area Waterway System which are directly linked to the Great Lakes basin. This proximity could allow the invasive carps to spread into the Great Lakes unless effective measures are utilized to prevent this occurrence."

#WorkTheSummer #OnlyHere #AsianCarp#DFO 

Noah Campbell

@noahcampbell45 "Would you believe this Fjord had a 98 foot tall tsunami rush through it? Well it happened sometime around 1905 and is one of the 5 natural tsunamis to arise in Eastern Canada 🌊#GrosMorne #WesternBrookPond #WorkTheSummer #OnlyHere

Brandon Boyd

@brandonboyd3 "Not a bad view flying back from a hard days work 🔥🚁 #airbornesunsets #workthesummer"

Christina Davis

@christinadavis94 "Our French soldiers from Louisbourg found their way to Halifax for #TallShips ⛵️  #fortressoflouisbourg #canada150 #halifaxwaterfront #parkslife #parkscanada#workthesummer #onlyhere #nhs #nationalhistoricsite"

Brendan Ross

@brendan_ross9 Interesting switch up in the silviculture world as we spent the day searching the ground for little pine germinates from the aerial seeding program, as well as some interesting finds, and little friends #weyerhaeuser #workthesummer #onlyhere"

cormier entry

@cormiergj "Helping CRI (Canadian Rivers Institute) with the CAST project (Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow), using drones to map river habitats, and monitor river change. #onlyhere #WorkTheSummer "

meg entry

@mermaid__meg What an amazing summer I've had! So sad to be leaving an amazing placement, I've been so grateful for such a cool opportunity to work in my field of study. #unb#workthesummer #fykenet #fishing #onlyhere "