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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Through a partnership with Gray Wolf Analytics, the Centre leads research in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with a focus on applications for the financial and intelligence sectors.

The use of defi, cryptocurrencies, and virtual assets is rapidly growing around the world and this revolutionary field of technology is forever changing how data is managed.

To help companies and financial institutions manage and mitigate the risks and challenges associated with decentralized finance, UNB and Gray Wolf are working to develop tools to that enable security and improve efficiency.


Business Model Innovation for Power Utilities
The power balance between centralized utilities and energy end users is shifting due to the introduction of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) and the ICT’s integration in the grid operation. Specifically, the blockchain is identified as an emerging technology and a promising solution to enable the decentralized energy market and peer-focused business models.

Moreover, the purchasing behaviour of the different energy consumer segments are governed by a variety of different consumer values. So, it’s important to understand how blockchain can drive the energy revolution for the development of new digital business models for electric utility sector and contribute to the transformation of the energy system. The research explores the transition in power utilities with disruptive technologies and how it can be better managed with innovations in their business models. The project aims to understand the technological disruptions (specifically blockchain) in power utilities and suggest ways in which electric utility firms can innovate their business models to better satisfy the different energy consumer segments.

See Energy Transformation Research to learn more about other power and energy projects.

Project director: Dhirendra Shukla
Sushil Chaurasia

Project Contact:
Dhirendra Shukla