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Master of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

Create your own future

Our accelerated 12-month Master of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (MTME) provides the theoretical understanding and the hands-on experience you need to create a startup or lead innovation projects.

Learn the ins-and-outs of the startup world, such as prototyping, project finance, branding and managing an innovation-based project or company. Graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a difference in industry and society.

MTME program overview

The University of New Brunswick's MTME program combines technological thinking with practical business skills to promote an entrepreneurial mindset in students with science, computer science and engineering backgrounds. 

Through hands-on learning, pitch competitions and a host of personal and professional challenges, our programs advance your personal and professional potential in the most realistic environment.

Degree Master of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (MTME)
Deadline March 1* (international) | June 30 (domestic)
Study options Project/report
Duration Accelerared program completed in 12 months
Entry term Fall

*If you are an international applicant and you wish to apply after this deadline for this year’s intake, send an email International students must consider the time necessary to obtain an international study permit.

Learn how to apply

Not your typical master’s program

We pair classroom learning with practical work to develop, validate, prototype and apply an innovative technological or social solution for a problem or opportunity. It requires idea sharing, research, creative action and iterative change.

Change isn't easy, so our faculty, entrepreneurs and designers-in-residence and industry subject matter experts guide you through its challenges so you can adapt and learn what to expect throughout your career.

Changing the world through technology

For more than 35 years, students at the J Herbert Smith Centre (JHSC) have been learning to commercialize research and discovering the market potential of their ideas.

Many of our graduates have launched their own highly successful ventures or gained employment in technology and innovation management and R&D. Others choose to work in Fortune 500 companies, government and not- for-profits.


JHSC’s Technology Management and Entrepreneurship programs at UNB have supported and helped to launch more than 240 startup companies since 2006, including HotSpot Merchant SolutionsSmartSkin Technologies, Potential Motors, Stash EnergyC-Therm Technologies Ltd.

Real-world success

“The MTME program awakened me to the realities of what it takes to launch a company in a competitive business world.” – Jordan Kennie, CEO Stash Energy

MTME graduate Jordan Kennie and his company, Stash Energy, created an energy storage solution that works with residential heat pumps in order to shift peak energy usage and optimize the use of renewable generators. They are currently working with utilities across Atlantic Canada to bring their product to market.

“It opened my eyes to the business side of tech startups.” – Lisa Pfister, CEO Pfera Inc.

Lisa Pfister won a New Brunswick Innovation Foundation breakthrough award worth more than $374,000 for Pfera, a digital milk strip analysis tool designed to improve birth date predictions for horses. The MTME helped Pfister commercialize her product and attract the venture capital needed to grow on a large scale.

MTME program requirements

The MTME requires completion of a science or technology related undergraduate degree (for example: computer science, nursing, kinesiology, engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, psychology).

Learn about admission or contact us to find how the MTME program will help you change the world.

Funding opportunities

We understand the need for financial assistance when it comes to paying for school. That’s why we at TME have worked with numerous partners to create new scholarships and fellowship opportunities. Ranging in value from $5,000 to $20,000, they are open to both domestic and international students. Contact to learn more.

Common questions

Learn more about MTME

Drop us a note and one of our technology management and entrepreneurship experts will be in touch.