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Research and innovation

Nanostructured (composite) particle design, synthesis

  • Cermet (ceramic-metallic) composites
  • Multimaterials
  • High-energy mechanical alloying (HE-MA)
  • Fluidized bed reactor chemical vapour deposition (FB-CVD)
  • Advanced sol-gel technology
  • Particle functionalization

Cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM) of coatings & 3D architectures


  • Biomass-focused fibre-reinforced polymer composites
  • Pultrusion manufacturing of biocomposites
  • Biofuel-extracted polymer


  • Dr. Avik Khan (Research Associate/Business Development Officer)
  • Jagannadh Sripada (Ph.D. Researcher)
  • Aisa Grace Custodio (Ph.D. Researcher)
  • Vineeth Menon (Ph.D. Researcher)
  • Divya Nalajala (Ph.D. Researcher)
  • Arif Alam (Research Engineer)
  • Christopher Mackin (Master’s Research Student)
  • Disha Bisto (Master’s Research Student)
  • Christopher Brown (Master’s Research Student)
  • Kelton Ireland (Master’s Research Student)
  • Allison Leahy (Undergraduate Research Student)
  • Shaghayegh Ghandali (Undergraduate Research Student)
  • Minh Do Cao Nguyen (Undergraduate Research Student)