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Undergraduate program

Almost every product or service in modern life has been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer, resulting in a high demand in fields such as: aerospace, energy, manufacturing, machinery, transportation, environment and biomedical. This is a small sample of possible fields; mechanical engineers are trained to work in effectively in many contexts.

The program

The mechanical engineering program is completed in four years, and when taking one of its options such as mechatronics or biomedical engineering it increases to four and a half years.

As part of your undergraduate degree you are required to prepare and present a final year technical report based on an extensive design topic of relevance to mechanical engineering. Students normally work in approved teams.

Where you'll go

As a mechanical engineer, you’ll ensure that the aerodynamic performance and structural integrity of an aircraft or automobile is safe. You’ll design medical devices, robotic limbs and ventilation systems. You’ll help improve, and make more affordable, everyday conveniences such as refrigeration, microwave cooking, transportation and communication.

Putting your skills to work

Mechanical engineers find themselves in wide array of fields such as aerospace, energy, manufacturing, machinery and transportation. They provide important contributions to the advancement of the environmental and medical sectors that aim to improve the quality of life for society.