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Faculty of Engineering
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About the department

Making moves 

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been shaping the way we design, view and move our world since its founding in 1908.

The University of New Brunswick was home to the first graduate program in biomedical engineering in Canada, now part of our internationally acclaimed Institute for Biomedical Engineering, which is home to a regional clinic specializing in upper-limb prosthetics.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program offers two paths of specialization: biomedical engineering and mechatronics.

Design symposium

The Faculty of Engineering hosts the annual UNB Engineering Design Symposium, where hundreds of design and prototypes from final-year engineering students are showcased for the community, faculty and industry professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a team to put your mechanical engineering skills to the test.

Our research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducts research in areas such as:

  • wave power as an alternative energy source;
  • bioenergy and bioproducts
  • biological signal processing
  • biomechanics and ergonomics; and
  • robotics and design
Undergraduate programs
Graduate programs