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Engineering Design Symposium

Designing a better future

The UNB Engineering Design Symposium is an annual event where final-year engineering students showcase their designs and prototypes to the community. More than half of the projects are sponsored by external clients where students are mentored by practicing engineers.

Hundreds of student projects from each department are presented during the annual symposium.

2019 Design Symposium winners

Chemical Engineering: Irving Oil Plant Design Competition

1st prize: Improved Waste-water Treatment Plant to Meet New Effluent Regulations – Jacob Cormier, Karim Fagir, Emily Weston, Shannon Yazdani

2nd prize: Design of a TCF Bleaching Sequence - Fatima Agoro, Disha Bisto, Corey McMinniman, Congrong Xu

3rd prize: Black Oil Upgrade Project - Erica Dickson, Leah Edmondson, Elliot Jardine, Brennan MacLean

Civil Engineering

Best Technical Report: Truss Worthy - Kate Guravich-Thompson, Rachel Hogge, Nicolas McCarthy, Gregory Moran, Dawson Warman

Best Technical Presentation: NexGen Consulting - William Christensen, Riley Kidd, Saqib Shahzad. Riley Tanner, Nicholas Thompson

Electrical and Computer Engineering

John F. Murphy Prize: CubeSat NB Electric Power Supply - Kyle Andersen, Jeffrey Frenette,, Chris Thomas, Ben Wedemire

IEEE NB Section Prize Vusic: A Modern Digital Audio Workstation – Matthew DeSilva (ECE), Amir Eldesoky (ECE), Alexander O’Donnell (ECE), Jacob Smith (SWE)

Geodesy and Geomatics

First: Detecting Cyanobacteria in the Saint John River - Olivia Cormier, Toni MacRae, Keeley Shea, Bailey Simpson

Second: Comparison of Laser Scanning and Terrestrial Photogrammetry Derived Point Clouds for the Purpose of Modelling Slope Movement and Stability - Alexander Brown, Caesar Prosperi-Porta

Third: How Geomatics Approaches Continue to Shape the Forestry Industry – Laura Rincon Ceballos, Tanner Thompson

Mechanical Engineering

1st place: LIFTIBOI: Wheelchair to side by side Transfer System - Andrew Flinn, Ryan Scholten, Thomas Smart, Lewis Vandervalk

2nd place: Drag Reduction of Logging Stakes – Trevor Morrison, Aaron O'Brien, Anthony Van Gestel, Chris Poltarowicz

3rd place: Mechanical Based CubeSat Project – Isaac Gray, Tyler Holland, Brett MacFadyen, Christopher Schaerer

Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

First Prize: LifeTrack: self-inflating life jacket with emergency distress Communications – Amy Andrews, Bridget McCloskey, Kaitlin MacIsaac, Phoenix Bard-Cavers

Second Prize: Vaxtech: portable solar vaccine cooler boxes for last mile use - Christian Gauvin, Carter Small, Matthew Young, Billy Hornaday

Third Prize: Intelligent Waste Management: waste management at the source with computer vision - Pascal Dumont, Bruce McDonald, Jonthan Tang, Charles Waugh

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