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We offer diploma programs in addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Technology, Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma

The TME diploma is designed for students who are already enrolled in undergraduate programs, graduate students, and scientists already in the workforce.

The TME diploma teaches you business management, innovation, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to help advance your career.

If you are an undergraduate student, you can earn the diploma concurrently with your degree program by choosing TME courses as electives. If you are a working professional, you can take all five courses over two semesters or take the courses – taught mainly in the evenings – over an extended period of time.

Construction Diploma

The construction diploma is offered by the Department of Civil Engineering and is open to students with a variety of educational opportunities. The diploma is often for individuals who have significant experience in the construction industry.

The program requires a minimum total of 20 credit hours as well as admittance to the diploma program.

Transportation Diploma

Offered by the Department of Civil Engineering, the transportation diploma helps transportation specialists enhance their professional skills and knowledge.

If you’re applying for this diploma you are considered on an individual basis and you do not need a related degree.

The diploma may be completed in two full-time terms or on a part-time basis.

Geomatics Diploma

The diploma offers practicing surveyors and technical professionals the opportunity to gain an understanding of the theories and principles of new technologies and methodologies. The diploma in geomatics is offered by the Department of Geomatics. It will provide you with specialization in cadastral studies, engineering and exploration surveying, geodetic surveying, land information management and mapping and geographic information systems (GIS).

All of the courses in these programs are degree-credit courses.