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Capstone design projects

The Faculty of Engineering at UNB wants to partner with industry, local governments and non-profit organizations to help transform the way engineering design is taught at UNB. We want to help the local economy by working on client-sponsored projects in our capstone design courses.

We are seeking individuals who have an interesting problem or idea and are willing to be a client for one of our capstone design projects.

The projects

In every engineering program at UNB, final-year students must complete a comprehensive design project. Using knowledge and skills acquired in previous courses, students must develop a device or process to meet the specific needs of a client.

The final report includes a detailed description of the proposed solution, engineering drawings, engineering calculations, and an economic evaluation. In some disciplines, the project may also include the construction of a working prototype.


The work is done at no cost to the client but we ask that the client meets with the students at least four times during the year:

  • September to define the scope of the work with the students
  • November to evaluate the solution proposed by the students
  • February to evaluate the final design proposed by the students
  • early April to listen to the final presentation of the students

Work is completed by engineering students in their final year. Students will be co-mentored by a faculty member and a practicing design engineer. Two teams of four to six students will normally be assigned to each project to avoid disappointment in case one group runs into academic difficulties.


You receive a copy of the final report prepared by the students, an opportunity to evaluate future graduate engineers and will get two innovative solutions to your design problem.

Become a client

Interested individuals should contact the Dean's Office at Projects are selected during the summer months prior to each academic year. Submit your project early to increase your chances of being selected.