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How to apply

Dates and deadlines

Applicants to the PhD in Education Studies at the University of New Brunswick must submit completed applications no later than December 1 in any academic year for admission the following September.

All documentation, including references and unofficial transcripts (including grade scale), must be submitted by the deadline date.

Applicants will receive notification of the results of their application by March 31.

Application policies

Applicants should review the regulations governing the general organization and supervision of doctoral programs as outlined in the calendar of the School of Graduate Studies. These regulations, unless noted otherwise, will serve as the basic regulations for the Doctor of Philosophy in Education program.

Application package

Your online application must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies no later than Dec. 1 for admission in the next academic year. A completed application must include:

  1. Three academic and professional references
  2. Official copies of transcripts of previous academic degrees submitted by the relevant institution directly to the School of Graduate Studies
  3. Evidence supporting academic background in education studies
  4. Official copies of GRE results if applicable
  5. Official copies of scores from tests for written or oral English for applicants from countries where the language of education is not English
  6. One-page statement of research goals
  7. Evidence supporting work/teaching experience and general competence in education-related areas such as teaching, counselling, administration, program development or program evaluation.
  8. A portfolio of written work that provides evidence supporting ability to do independent research and to write in English. (The portfolio is typically a master’s thesis or qualifying research paper.)
  9. Application fee

The Faculty of Education endeavours to provide some financial support for full-time doctoral students. However, acceptance into the program does not guarantee an offer of financial support.

Admission procedures

Decisions about whether or not an applicant will be offered a place in the doctoral program in education will be made during February and March according to the following procedures:

The Graduate Studies Coordinating Committee of the Faculty of Education will determine first whether the applicant is admissible based on items 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the list of admission requirements.

On the basis of evidence submitted by the applicant in support of items 1 through 6 on the list of admission requirements, the Graduate Studies Coordinating Committee will rank order all admissible applicants on a competitive basis.

Top ranked applicants may be interviewed as indicated in Item 7 on the list of admission requirements.

The Graduate Studies Coordinating Committee will determine whether supervisory support is available, for each top ranked applicant, among active and eligible Faculty of Education members. This determination will be based on the applicant's stated research goals and the availability of faculty resources.

Applicants for whom faculty supervisory support is available will be rank ordered on a final list of acceptable applicants.

The Graduate Studies Coordinating Committee will then determine how many applicants can be admitted based on available faculty resources. A short list of acceptable applicants will be created. This list will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies for final acceptance into the program.

All admissions are on a competitive basis. Applicants should note that admissibility does not mean that an individual automatically will be offered a place within the program.

Please note only one application per person will be accepted. Duplicate applications to other Faculty of Education degree programs or MEd concentrations will be withdrawn.

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