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Certificate in Bilingual and Multilingual Education

Program outcomes

  • Enhance capacities to effectively teach and assess in second/additional language learning contexts.
  • Consider skills and strategies for effective communication with second/additional language learners.
  • Develop theoretical and practical expertise related to the teaching of students learning second/additional languages.
  • Gain knowledge related to bilingual and multilingual programming in diverse learning contexts.
  • Develop background related to principles and practices to support students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Enhance understanding of inclusive and culturally responsive educational design and instruction.

Students can enroll in the certificate program to

  • Meet their ongoing professional development needs
  • Gain further experience and expertise in an area of interest
  • Facilitate the transition to a Master of Education program

Courses include

  • Foundations of Bilingual and Multilingual Education (ED6103)
  • Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Contexts (ED6110)
  • Electives include courses related to diversity, inclusion, and second/additional language pedagogies.
  • The two required courses for this certificate are both offered online. The three electives can be chosen from online or distance options.
  • Credits from the certificate can be transferred to an M.Ed within a five year time frame.

Application deadline

The application deadline is Jan. 31 for a September start date.

This 15-credit-hour certificate, consisting of five courses (two required courses and three electives) can be completed within one year. Candidates are provided a five year timeframe for completion of the certificate. For more information contact: