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Certificate in Publishing

The Certificate in Publishing introduces undergraduate students at the University of New Brunswick to the fundamentals of publishing by combining classroom instruction with hands-on experience in the workplace.


The certificate requires 24 credit hours and its curriculum features three components:

  • core courses
  • electives
  • internships


The core curriculum consists of three, three-credit-hour courses that focus on the fundamentals of publishing:

  • PUB 2103: The Evolving Publishing Environments (3ch)
  • PUB 3103: Assessment, Acquisition, & Editing (3ch)
  • PUB 3104: Production & Management Fundamentals for Print & Digital Publishing (3ch)

Relevant internships build on the core curriculum. Students will undertake one 6-credit-hour or two 3-credit-hour internship courses that will see students working at journals, institutions or businesses with a significant publishing program.

Students must also choose nine credit hours of electives, to be determined in consultation with a Certificate in Publishing advisor.

Read the program description for more information.


Admissions will be limited to 12 students per year in order to enable placement in the required 6 ch of internships. Applications are available from the co-directors, and students will be chosen on the basis of a statement of interest and GPA.


To learn more about the certificate, students are invited to meet with one of our program advisors:

To make an appointment, contact Patti Simmons at or (506) 453-4978.