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Dr. John C. Ball, Professor, Department of English


  • Ball, John C., BA, MA, PhD (Tor), Prof – 1995, English
  • Dutcher, Stephen, BA, MA, PhD (UNB), Adjunct Prof – 2016, History
  • Finlay, Tatrina, BA (Mt. Allison), MA (UNB), Associate Teaching Prof  2008, English 
  • Huebert, David, BA (Dal-King's), MA (UVic), PhD (UWO), Asst Prof 2021, English 
  • Mancke, Elizabeth, BA (CCollege), MA (UBC), MA, PhD (Johns Hopkins), Canada Research Chair, Prof – 2012, History
  • Mullally, Sasha, BA, MA (Ottawa), PhD (Tor), Assoc Prof – 2009, History
  • Sinclair, Sue, BA (Mt. Allison), MA (UNB), MA, PhD (Tor), Asst Prof – 2016, English

General Information

UNB’s Certificate in Publishing program is designed to prepare students for work in the publishing industry. The program is intended to complement a wide range of Majors offered at UNB. It offers a combination of classroom instruction, online instruction, and experiential learning and may be taken concurrently with a UNB degree program. UNB is one of the very few Canadian universities to have founded and continuously published three internationally respected journals in the Arts and Humanities – The Fiddlehead, Acadiensis, and Studies in Canadian Literature. This long experience, coupled with expertise in editing journals that are based elsewhere, makes UNB’s program unique.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to students enrolled in a UNB undergraduate degree program, with priority given to Arts students. Students must have completed 30 ch to be formally admitted to the program. Students may take the core courses – PUB 2103 The Evolving Publishing Environments (3 ch), PUB 3103 Practical Editing Skills (3 ch), and PUB 3104 Production & Management Fundamentals for Print & Digital Publishing (3 ch) – before applying to be admitted into the program.

Interested students should make an appointment to meet with the Director. Admission is limited to 12 students per year in order to enable placement in the required 6 ch of internships. Applications are available from the Director, and students are chosen on the basis of a statement of interest and their GPA.

Program of Study

The Certificate in Publishing consists of 24 ch, comprising 15 ch of required courses and 9 ch of electives chosen from the list below. Undergraduate students may begin the Certificate in their second year or later. While students may be able to complete the program in one academic year (September to August), they are advised to spread it over two years. Courses taken to fulfill a student’s degree or program requirements may also count as Certificate in Publishing electives.

The core curriculum consists of three 3 ch courses that focus on the fundamentals of publishing: the evolving publishing environment in Canada; how to acquire, assess, and edit manuscripts for publishing; and how publications are produced, with a focus on design and management fundamentals.

Internships build on the core curriculum. Students take either one 6 ch or two 3 ch internship courses. Placements are made at our three journals, or at other businesses and organizations with publishing activities, on campus and off campus. These placements give students hands-on experience in various aspects of publishing covered in the core courses. Students who have taken an ARTS 3000 or ARTS 4000 Internship that complements the Certificate in Publishing may request consideration for it to count towards the internship requirement.

Students also choose 9 ch of electives from UNB’s existing courses; these are intended to support students’ knowledge of the theory and context of their core courses and internship experiences. Students shall take those credits in at least two different disciplines. Elective courses are chosen for their coverage of topics, methods, or practices related to publishing and communication, or to the production, dissemination, and marketing of knowledge in various media. With the approval of the program director, other courses, including Honours seminars and transfer credits, may serve as electives.

Required Courses (15 ch)

PUB 2103 The Evolving Publishing Environments (3 ch)
PUB 3103 Practical Editing Skills (3 ch)
PUB 3104 Production & Management Fundamentals for Print & Digital Publishing (3 ch)
PUB 3000 Publishing Internship (6 ch)

With approval, a publishing-related ARTS 3000/ARTS 3001/ARTS 3002 or ARTS 4000 internship may be counted in lieu of PUB 3000/PUB 3001/PUB 3002.

Elective Courses (9 ch)

ADM 1313 Principles of Marketing (3 ch)
ADM 2315 Marketing Management (3 ch)
ANTH 3346 Public Archaeology (3 ch)
ENGL 1103 Fundamentals of Clear Writing (3 ch)
ENGL 2195 Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry and Drama (3 ch)
ENGL 2196 Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction and Screenwriting (3 ch)
ENGL 2197 Travel Writing (3 ch)
ENGL 2603 Literature of Atlantic Canada (3 ch)
ENGL 2605 Introduction to Indigenous Literatures of the Wabanaki Confederacy/Atlantic Region (3 ch)
ENGL 2608 Introduction to Contemporary Canadian Literature (3 ch)
ENGL 3103 Creative Writing: Studio Course (3 ch)
ENGL 3123 Creative Writing: Poetry (3 ch)
ENGL 3143 Creative Writing: Short Fiction (3 ch)
ENGL 3153 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction (3 ch)
ENGL 3605 Indigenous Literatures of Turtle Island: A Historical Survey to the Present (3 ch)
ENGL 3606 Indigenous Literatures since 1970 (3 ch)
ENGL 3698 Canadian Literature since 1970 (3 ch)
FR 3844 Immigrant Writing in Quebec/Écriture migrante au Québec (3 ch)
FR 3854 Acadian Literature/Littérature acadienne (3 ch)
FR 3894 The Contemporary French-Canadian Novel/Le roman canadien-français contemporain (3 ch)
HIST 1415 “Cowboys and Indians”? A History of Native People in Canadian and American Popular Culture (3 ch)
HIST 3736 Art for a Nation? Visualizing Twentieth-Century Canada (3 ch)
HIST 5388 Understanding the Virtual Past; Making Digital History (3 ch)
HIST 5725 The Art of Public History (3 ch)
MAAC 1001 Understanding Media I: Technology and Culture (3 ch)
MAAC 1002 Understanding Media II: Power and Pleasures (3 ch)
MAAC/CCS 1021 Introduction to Culture, Arts, and Media (3 ch)
MAAC 1023  Media, Technology, and Creativity (3 ch)
MAAC/CCS 2021 Popular Culture (3 ch)
MAAC 2998 Digital Film Production I (3 ch)
MAAC 2999 Digital Film Production II (3 ch)
MAAC 3057 Advertising and Consumer Culture (3 ch)
MAAC 3101 Media Design I (3 ch)
MAAC 3102 Media Design II (3 ch)
MAAC 3211 Mobility, Media, and Art (3 ch)
MAAC 3212 Lens Media I (3 ch)
MAAC 3213 Lens Media II (3 ch)
MAAC 3401 Digital Culture (3 ch)
MAAC 3431 Global Media, Politics, and Power (3 ch)
MAAC 3435 Media and Culture (3 ch)
PSYC 3063 Psychology and the Internet (3 ch)
PSYC 3413 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 ch)
SOCI 2223 Introduction to Mass Communications and the Media (3 ch)
SOCI 2533 Information Society (3 ch)
SOCI 3253 Sociology of Media (3 ch)

When choosing electives and internships, students may wish to consider concentrating in one of the following areas:

  1. Literary & Trade Publishing
  2. Academic Publishing
  3. Public Outreach & Communications
  4. Production, Design & Digital Media
  5. Business & Marketing for Publishing