Media Arts and Culture

MAAC2998Digital Film Production I (Cross-Listed: FILM 2998)3 ch (3C) (EL)

An introduction to the fundamental concepts and procedures of visual and audio production, including the techniques and aesthetics of shooting, lighting and editing. Over the course of the term, students will engage in a series of short exercises covering a variety of styles, genres and modes. Taught cooperatively with the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op. NOTE: Students can obtain credit for only one of the following courses: FILM 2998, MAAC 2998, FILM 3999 “Video Production”, MAAC 3999 “Video Production”, ENGL 3999 “Film and Video Production”. Students may take both MAAC 2998 (or FILM 2998) and MAAC 3999 “Editing and Post-Production” (or FILM 3999 “Editing and Post-Production”).