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Arts internship program

Real working experience while you earn credits!

The Arts Internship Program offers undergraduate students two types of internship opportunities with local non-profit organizations and community partners:

  • Arts 3000 is an unpaid, for-credit internship for upper-level students; no experience required.
  • Arts 4000 is a paid, for-credit internship for upper-level students with previous experiential education.

More than 40 community partners

We have placement opportunities with more than 40 community partners and we continue to add more each year.

Flexible, community-based learning

This community-based learning internship adds valuable workplace experience to the arts degree by allowing students to develop practical skills that relate directly to their academic studies.

Internships generally consist of completing weekly hands-on work activities in addition to preparing a major project related to the ongoing work of the organization or partner hosting the student.

How to apply

General program information

Earn 3 or 6 credit hours

Arts 3000:

Arts 4000:

Arts 4000 is a paid internship experience with either part-time or full-time placement hours. Apply now for a part-time, September to April placement. Contact for more information.

Time commitment

Arts 3000 students should expect to spend seven hours per week on-site in addition to conducting reading and research that relates directly to their major project.

Arts 4000 students should expect to work full or part-time hours each week, depending on when their placement takes place. Arts 4000 students also conduct reading and research that relates directly to their major project.

While each individual placement requires certain specialized skills or previous experience, all require students who can work independently and have good communication (both verbal and written) and research skills. 

Interested in hosting a student at your organization?

Read information for placement organizations or email