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Information for placement organizations

Our community partners

The Faculty of Arts Internship Program collaborates with New Brunswick-based community organizations and employment partners. Working together, we provide valuable practical and pedagogical experiences for undergraduate Arts students.

We work with partner organizations to determine projects for student interns. A good internship project should address both the partner's organizational needs and the student's learning and professional objectives, as determined by the Arts internship faculty committee.

Our partners also conceptualize weekly tasks that begin with introducing the student intern to their organization, with the goal of eventually hosting a self-directed intern who spends their time onsite working on their major project.

If you are interested in hosting a student intern, please visit the Experience UNB platform to apply. 

For potential partners

We offer full-time paid (Arts 4000) and part-time unpaid (Arts 3000) internship opportunities for our student interns. For more information on how your organization could receive funding to host a paid student intern, contact

Keep in mind that partners must:

  • Be a New Brunswick-based organization;
  • Identify a suitable onsite supervisor who has the time and energy to guide an undergraduate-level student through what may be their first professional workplace experience;
  • Propose a viable major project which meets both the practical needs of your organization and the pedagogical needs of the Faculty of Arts courses;
  • Have a workplace which could provide a student intern with desk space, computer and phone access as necessary and the resources to complete the proposed major project.

See examples of intern positions with current and past partner organizations.

Additional information for our partners

Student interns are expected to conduct themselves in a professional way while they are working with you onsite. Please note that while interns are expected to offer onsite support to the organization, the internships should be primarily understood as valuable learning experiences for students and are not meant to replace paid staff positions.

In general, it should be possible for the intern to complete their major project in the fall term (September-December), winter term (January-April), full-year (September-April) or summer term (May-August).

  • Arts 3000 students work 7 hours per week, unpaid.
  • Arts 4000 students work full-time hours every week in the summer or part-time (15-20 hours per week) in the regular academic year (Sept - April).

For more information about the Faculty of Arts Internship program, please contact

Apply to host a student through our Experience UNB platform.