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Minor in Environmental Studies

The minor in environmental studies program provides students with an excellent interdisciplinary understanding of climate and environment topics. It offers a useful complement to many different degree programs.

The minor is open to students from all faculties and programs. To complete the minor, you will take:

  • 24 credit hours from the approved list of courses (see below),
  • 12 credits hours of the 24 must be upper level (3000 level or higher),
  • courses from at least three different departments.

With approval from the Environmental Studies Advisor, students may take up to 6 credit hours from Arts Internship Program courses (ARTS 3000, 3001, 3002 and ARTS 4000).

Environmental studies minor courses


  • ARTS 1023: Arts First: Climate and Environment


  • ANTH 1003: Environment and Climate Change
  • ANTH 2011: Environment and Infrastructure
  • ANTH/SOCI 2801: Food and Culture
  • ANTH 3111: Resource Extraction, Conflict and Resistance
  • ANTH 3364: Archaeology of Northeastern North America
  • ANTH 4144: Culture and Environment
  • ANTH 4025: Hunters and Gatherers

Culture and media studies

  • CCS 3405: Media and Environment


  • ECON 3755: Environmental Economics (Requires 3ch of first-year microeconomics)
  • ECON 3766: Economics of Climate Change (Requires 3ch of first-year microeconomics)
  • ECON 3865: Energy Economics
  • ECON 3801: Transportation Economics


  • ENGL 3983: Literature and the Environment


  • HIST 3355: Nature, Culture and the Canadian Environment
  • HIST 5342: Environmental History of North America
  • HIST 5345: Natural Resources, Industrialization and the Environment in Atlantic Canada


  • PHIL 3208: Ecological Ethics

Political Science

  • POLS 1803: Politics of Climate Change
  • POLS 3217: Canadian Environmental Policy
  • POLS 4725: Climate and Energy Policy
  • POLS 4724: Topics in Environmental History and Politics
  • POLS 4734: Political Economy of Energy and the Environment


  • SOCI 3553: Sociology and the Environment
  • SOCI 3563: Global Perspectives in Environmental Health
  • SOCI/ANTH 3801: Food Studies


For more information about the minor, please meet with the Environmental Studies Advisor.