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Archaeology Research Laboratory

With the expansion of archaeology activities, programs and capacity at UNB between 2006 and 2008 - the expansion of archaeology faculty, increasing numbers of archaeology graduate students, the acquisition of the George Frederick Clarke Artifact Collection, and the development of the Archaeology Interdepartmental Program - the archaeology lab space in Annex C became inadequate for the Department of Anthropology's needs.

As a result, with the co-operation of UNB Research Services, the department was able to expand into a suite of rooms in the Enterprise 1 building. Archaeological research activities were moved to Enterprise 1, while archaeology teaching and display activities remained in Annex C.

The Archaeology Research Laboratory includes desk spaces for archaeology faculty and graduate students, shelving and filing cabinets for field notes, maps and records, analytical spaces and equipment, and storage spaces for collections and field equipment.

A kitchen area doubles as a simple wet lab space. Recording and analytical equipment includes computers, flat-bed and 3D scanners, a copy-stand and photographic setup, a microscope station, and various types of measurement equipment.

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