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Anthropology graduate program

Benefit from a small-group learning environment that facilitates intensive study of contemporary issues in anthropology.

We offer three different masters programs. Students interested in masters or doctoral level interdisciplinary graduate studies in Anthropology should visit the School of Graduate Studies.

Graduate handbook

MA in Sociocultural anthropology

We cover a wide a range of topics and geographical areas including Atlantic Canada, northeastern North America and Southeast Asia.

MA in Biological anthropology

The emphasis is placed on medical anthropology, bioarchaeology and forensics with a geographical focus on Southeast Asia, North America and South Asia.

MA in Archaeology

A range of topics is covered including archaeological theory, methods and practice, geoarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology and community-based archaeology. The geographic areas covered are the Maritime provinces and its adjacent areas.

Admission requirements

The normal admission requirement are:

  • a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in anthropology
  • at least a 3.0 (B) average. However, funding for the program is competitive and a student with a cumulative GPA of less than A- (3.7) is unlikely to be funded. Eligibility for funding is a consideration for admissions into the program.

We expect you to have a strong undergraduate background in the subdiscipline in which you intend to conduct graduate research.

Prospective students without an anthropology honours degree

If you are a promising student without an anthropology honours degree or an adequate subdisciplinary background, you may be admitted for a qualifying or probationary period which lasts usually two semesters.

You should consult the regulations of the UNB School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS) for more information on a qualifying period.

It’s your responsibility to fund a qualifying year. You may be ineligible for federal and provincial student loan programs.

Completion of a qualifying period does not mean automatic acceptance into the graduate program.

Your acceptance is conditional upon:

  • the successful completion of the required honours seminars
  • a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) or better,
  • an agreement of the student's prospective graduate supervisor(s)

Scholarships and awards

An MA-level teaching assistantship is valued at approximately $15,000 over 12 months. Outstanding students, such as those who hold a first class honours degree, are eligible to receive a top up merit award (Board of Governor Merit Award, or the Magee-Third Century Postgraduate Merit Award) valued at approximately $3000.00 over 12 months. A maximum of five semesters of funding is possible.


Financial Services provides the fees for Masters and PhD Students.

Timing and application

Graduate programs are run throughout the year and divided, for administrative purposes, into three consecutive terms:

  • fall term (September – December)
  • winter term (January – April)
  • summer term (May – August)

The normal length of the MA program is two calendar years (six terms). However, maximum funding available is for five terms.

Apply now

Completed official application forms and all supporting documents must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. You may submit your application at any time of the year, but only those submitted before Jan. 5 will be considered for funding. You can enter the program in September or January.

Official online application and required forms are available from the School of Graduate Studies.

Contact: Dr. Susan Blair
Director of Graduate Studies