Basil Alexander Assistant Professor Ludlow Hall 215
David Anderson Administrative Assistant Ludlow Hall
Janet Austin Associate Professor Ludlow Hall 209
François Beaulieu Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
John Bird Part-time Instructor
Ed Bowes Public Engagement Officer Ludlow Hall 110
Greg Bowley Assistant Professor Ludlow Hall 217
Scott Brittain QC Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
Aloke Chatterjee Associate Professor Ludlow Hall 219
Maria Conroy Part-time Instructor
Catherine Cotter Head Law Librarian Ludlow Hall 121
Ellen Desmond QC Part-time Instructor
Nancy Dickinson Library Admin Assistant
Heather Doherty Senior Library Assistant
George Filliter QC Part-time Instructor
Veronica Ford Part-time Instructor
Wanda Foster Admissions and Scholarships Officer Ludlow Hall 103
Kerri Froc Assistant Professor Ludlow Hall 204A
Nathan Gorham Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall 301F
Amy Gough Farnworth Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
Kathryn Gregory QC Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
Maya Hamou Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
LA Henry Part-time Instructor
Heather Hobart Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
Stacey Hovey Law Admissions Assistant Ludlow Hall 110
Susan Jones Technical Services Librarian Ludlow Hall 115
John Kleefeld Professor and Dean Ludlow Hall 106
Dennis Klinck Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall 301F
Anne Warner La Forest QC Professor Ludlow Hall 221
Joanne Levison Associate Dean’s Assistant Ludlow Hall 210
Nicole Lyons-Macfarlane Library Assistant
Glenn MacCulloch Library Assistant
Tina Madore Dean’s Assistant Ludlow Hall 105A
Michael Marin Associate Professor and Associate Dean Ludlow Hall 214B
Martha McClellan Career Services Officer (On leave) Ludlow Hall 105
Ted McDonald Professor Singer Hall 455
Linda Moore Academic Affairs Assistant Ludlow Hall 214A
Kathy Nguyen Financial Officer Ludlow Hall 108
Nicole O'Byrne Associate Professor Ludlow Hall 222
Kailey O'Neil Part-time Instructor
Maria Panezi Assistant Professor Ludlow Hall 204
Karen Pearlston Professor Ludlow Hall 206
Benjamin Perryman Assistant Professor Ludlow Hall 216
Ben Reentovich Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
Norman Siebrasse Professor Ludlow Hall 210A
Rachelle Standing Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall
Janice Stockall Library Assistant
Nikki Tanner Reference/Instruction Librarian Ludlow Hall 121
Janet Thompson-Price Part-time Instructor
Jane Thomson Assistant Professor Ludlow Hall 220
Gillian Tillard Career Services Officer Ludlow Hall 105
Vokhid Urinov Associate Professor Ludlow Hall 218
Kelly VanBuskirk QC Part-time Instructor
Breana Vandebeek Part-time Instructor Ludlow Hall 301F
Bo Vinh-Doyle Library Assistant
Sally Wells Part-Time Instructor
John Williamson QC Part-time Instructor
Norah Wilson Library Assistant
Hilary Young Associate Professor Ludlow Hall 205