Norman Siebrasse


Law, Faculty of

Room 210A

1 506 453 4725

Research interests

  • patent law
  • patent remedies
  • pharmaceutical patents
  • intellectual property and commercial law


Professor Siebrasse joined UNB Law in 1993, after receiving an LLM from the University of Chicago and clerking at the Supreme Court of Canada for the Honourable Madam Justice McLachlin during the 1991-1992 term. His research and writing focuses on patent law, particularly pharmaceutical patent law, patent remedies and the intersection of intellectual property law and commercial law.

His blog Sufficient Description comments on recent Canadian patent law cases, and is widely read by the Canadian patent bar. His writing, including his blog, is regularly cited by the Canadian courts.

He is an active member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (the national association of intellectual property lawyers) and is a member of Life Sciences and Patent Legislation Committees.

Courses taught

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Remedies
  • Competition & Trade Regulation

Selected publications

N. Siebrasse, Nova v Dow: Intuition or Principle in the Accounting of Profits Remedy Part II (forthcoming) Intellectual Property Journal

N. Siebrasse, Nova v Dow: Intuition or Principle in the Accounting of Profits Remedy Part I (forthcoming, 2023) Intellectual Property Journal

N. Siebrasse, Against Balancing, (2023) 35 Intellectual Property Journal 181–92

N. Siebrasse, Overbreadth in Canadian Patent Law: Part II, (2021) 33 Intellectual Property Journal 147-60

N. Siebrasse, Overbreadth in Canadian Patent Law: Part I, (2020) 33 Intellectual Property Journal 21-57

N. Siebrasse, Liability of Corporate Officers in Intellectual Property Law, (2020), 63 Canadian Business Law Journal 159-77

T. F. Cotter, E. Hovenkamp & N. Siebrasse, “Demystifying Patent Holdup” (2020) 76 Washington and Lee Law Review 1501-1565

C. Bradford Biddle, Jorge L. Contreras, Brian J. Love, N. Siebrasse, “Patent Remedies and Complex Products: Toward a Global Consensus” (2019) Cambridge University Press

N. Siebrasse & T. Cotter, "The Value of the Standard" (2017) 101 Minnesota Law Review 1159-1246

N. Siebrasse & T. Cotter, "A New Framework for Determining Reasonable Royalties in Patent Litigation" (2016) 68 Florida Law Review 929-999

N. Siebrasse, Form and Function in the Law of Utility: "A Reply to Gold & Shortt" (2015) 30(2) Canadian Intellectual Property Review 109-66

A. Duggan & N. Siebrasse, "Disclaimer, Affirmation and Assignment of Intellectual Property Licences" (2014) 3 Journal of the Insolvency Institute of Canada 163-87

N. Siebrasse, "The False Doctrine of False Promise" (2013) 29(1) Canadian Intellectual Property Review 3-56

N. Siebrasse, "Must the Factual Basis for Sound Prediction Be Disclosed in the Patent?" (2012) 28 Canadian Intellectual Property Review 39-80

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