Kaveh Arjomandi Associate Professor Head Hall C-6
Peter Bischoff Professor (On leave) Head Hall H-227
Dennis Connor Environmental Research Technician Head Hall HB-23A
Jennifer Day Assistant Professor Forestry/Geology 222D
Chris Forbes Engineering Technologist Head Hall (New) HB17G
Gregory Greer Shop Technician Head Hall (New) HB-11
Alisha Hanselpacker Undergraduate Program Assistant Head Hall H124
Trevor Hanson Associate Professor Gillin Hall D129
Katy Haralampides Professor Head Hall (New) GD125
Eric Hildebrand Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Gillin Hall D-102
Zhen Lei OSCO Research Chair in Offsite Constr. Head Hall H-226
Alan Lloyd Assistant Professor Head Hall HC4
Kerry MacQuarrie Professor Head Hall H-130
Othman Nasir Assistant Professor
MaryBeth Nicholson Graduate Program Assistant Head Hall H124
Won Taek Oh Assistant Professor Head Hall C7
Jeff Rankin Department Chair Head Hall H-226
Xiomara Sanchez-Castillo Assistant Professor Head Hall GWD-127
Kripa Singh Professor Head Hall (New) HB-6
Angie Stewart Administrative Assistant Head Hall H-124
Andrew Sutherland Chief Technician Head Hall (New) B11
Michael Thomas Professor Head Hall (New) HC-7
Arun Valsangkar Honorary Research Professor Head Hall (New) HC-5
Lloyd Waugh Professor Head Hall H-134
Bruce Wilson Professor Gillin Hall GD128
Yuri Yevdokimov Professor Singer Hall 458