Kaveh Arjomandi Associate Professor Head Hall C-6
Peter Bischoff Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Head Hall H-227
Dennis Connor Environmental Research Technician Head Hall HB-23A
Jennifer Day Assistant Professor Forestry/Geology 222D
Chris Forbes Engineering Technologist Head Hall (New) HB17G
Gregory Greer Shop Technician Head Hall (New) HB-11
Alisha Hanselpacker Undergraduate Program Assistant Head Hall H124
Trevor Hanson Associate Professor Gillin Hall D129
Katy Haralampides Professor Head Hall (New) GD125
Eric Hildebrand Professor Gillin Hall D-102
Zhen Lei OSCO Research Chair in Offsite Constr.
Alan Lloyd Assistant Professor Head Hall HC4
Kerry MacQuarrie Professor Head Hall H-130
Othman Nasir Assistant Professor
MaryBeth Nicholson Graduate Program Assistant Head Hall H124
Won Taek Oh Assistant Professor Head Hall C7
Jeff Rankin Department Chair Head Hall H-226
Xiomara Sanchez-Castillo Assistant Professor Head Hall GWD-127
Kripa Singh Professor Head Hall (New) HB-6
Angie Stewart Administrative Assistant Head Hall H-124
Andrew Sutherland Chief Technician Head Hall (New) B11
Michael Thomas Professor (On leave) Head Hall (New) HC-7
Arun Valsangkar Honorary Research Professor Head Hall (New) HC-5
Lloyd Waugh Professor (On leave) Head Hall H-134
Bruce Wilson Professor Gillin Hall GD128
Yuri Yevdokimov Professor Singer Hall 458