Katy Haralampides



Civil Engineering

Head Hall (New) GD125


1 506 453 5125


  • Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science, Dept of Civil/Environmental Engineering,
  • University of New Orleans, USA
  • M.A. Sc., Dept. of Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, Canada
  • B.Sc.Eng., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University, Canada
  • B.A., Dept. of Biology, Queen's University, Canada

Specialty: Environmental Hydraulics

Research interests

  1. Numerical modelling in environmental hydraulics
  2. Lake and river hydrodynamics and water quality
  3. Contaminated sediments

Courses taught

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Technical Communications
  • Open Channel Hydraulics
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Advanced Hydraulics and Sediment Transport
  • Water Quality Modelling

Campus involvement

I work with colleagues at other universities and colleges on the topic of Engineering and Social Justice, where we look at alternative pedagogies and curriculum that incorporate social justice issues into the classroom and the engineering profession as a whole.


My research focuses on physical and numerical modelling in environmental hydraulics. I am interested in projects that help to understand the processes governing the hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and subsequently the health and quality of surface water ecosystems. I have both a biology and an engineering background, and like to combine the two in the emerging field of ecohydraulics.

  • Physical effectiveness study of in-stream habitat enhancement boulder clusters
  • Ice impacts on boulder clusters in the Restigouche River, NB
  • Waste Management Action Plan for UNB (co-supervised)
  • Riverbank erosion on the Nashwaak River, NB
  • Culvert design: fish passage considerations
  • Fish passage through a Gorlov Helical Turbine
  • Investigation of Constriction Effects at Tidal Crossings in New Brunswick
  • Design of a Mesocosm for Ecotoxicological Study of Agricultural Runoff
  • Design of a fish passage for a hanging culvert at Jewett’s Creek, NB
  • Remediation of Dixon Brook, Fundy National Park, NB
  • Micro-Tidal power feasibility study for the Bay of Fundy
  • Impacts of fine sediments on salmon incubation baskets
  • Experimental study of ice floes in the Mackenzie River
  • Hydraulic study of salmon egg incubation baskets
  • Agricultural runoff and associated sediment transport
  • Design of a constructed wetland prototype for nitrate removal
  • An examination of Mactaquac’s artesian aquifer and pressure relief well system