Arun Valsangkar

Honorary Research Professor


Civil Engineering

Head Hall HC-5

1 506 453 5123

Dr. Valsangkar has over 45 years of combined experience in teaching, research and consulting. His research and consulting has been mainly in the area of soil-structure interaction. He has more than 100 publications in refereed journals and conferences in the following areas:

  • Deep foundations
  • Performance of prototype structures
  • Centrifuge modelling
  • Buried flexible and rigid pipes
  • Lightweight aggregate geotechnics
  • Geotechnics of municipal solid waste
  • Limit States & reliability based design of retaining structures

His research activities have been funded by NSERC Discovery Grants, NSERC Strategic Grant, New Brunswick Department of Transportation, Solite Corporation, and Jacques, Whitford & Associates Ltd.

He is a Senior Geotechnical Consultant with Stantec (formerly Jacques Whitford) and has been with the firm for the last 37 years. He has served as a Senior Engineer on a number of major national and international mining, infrastructure and dam projects.

He served as Editor of the Canadian Geotechnical Journal from 2002 to 2007 and as an Associate Editor from 1992-2002. The Journal is published by NRC Press and is one of the three leading journals in the field of geotechnique.


  • 2015: RM Quigley Award (Honorable Mention) , Canadian Geotechnical Society (with S. Huntley)
  • 2014: Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering
  • 2012: Casimir Gzowski Medal, Honorable Mention, Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (with B. McGuigan)
  • 2009: RM Quigley Award (Honorable Mention) , Canadian Geotechnical Society (with R. MacAfee)
  • 2009: RM Hardy Keynote Address, Canadian Geotechnical Society
  • 2009: Fellow, Engineers Canada, Canadian Council of Professional Engineers.
  • 2008: John B. Sterling Medal, Engineering Institute of Canada
  • 2007: Stermac Award for outstanding service to the Society, Canadian Geotechnical Society,
  • 2007: By-Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge University, U.K., Michalmas Term.
  • 2007: Merit Award University of New Brunswick
  • 2006: Eric Garland Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of New Brunswick, Dept. of Civil Engineering,
  • 2005: Fellow, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • 2004: American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE/COPRI OTC 2004 Best Paper Award for Outstanding Contribution to our Knowledge of Offshore Infrastructure Systems (with Doyle, Dean, Sharma, Bolton and Newlin)
  • 2003: Geoffrey Meyerhof Award for Outstanding and Exceptional Contributions to the Art and Science of Foundation Engineering, Canadian Geotechnical Society.
  • 1998: R.M. Quigley Award for the Best Paper in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal in 1997 (with Munro, MacQuarrie & Kan), Canadian Geotechnical Society.
  • 1998: Elected Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada
  • 1998: Elected By-Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge University, U.K. (May-Dec. 1998)
  • 1996: R.M. Quigley Award, Honorable Mention, Canadian Geotechnical Society (with Rowe, Gnanendran and Landva).
  • 1992: Merit Award, University of New Brunswick
  • 1987: Associate Member Fellowship, Darwin College, Cambridge University, U.K. (Fall Term)
  • 1985: Dr. A.P. Stuart Award of Excellence in Teaching (This is the most prestigious Teaching Award at U.N.B.), University of New Brunswick.

Refereed journals

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Refereed conferences

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Invited contributions

  1. Mills, B., El Naggar, H., and Valsangkar, A.J. (2015) "North American Overview and Canadian Perspective on the Use of Tire-Derived Aggregate in Highway Embankment Construction," Chapter 22, Ground Improvement Case Histories, Vol. 2, Elsevier Publishing, Editors: Indraratra and Chu.
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Non-refereed technical reports

  1. Valsangkar, A.J. (2007), "Report on Laboratory Testing of Welds Used in Steel Culvert Rehabilitation". Report Submitted to N.B. Dept. of Transportation, pp. 12.

Full list of publications

Recent graduate students

  1. Bryson, S. (2014), "Optimization of Ground Improvements and Sandwich Construction for Land Reclamation Projects," MScE Thesis (Co-Supervisor: Dr. H. El Naggar).
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*NSERC PGA Scholars