Eric Hildebrand



Civil Engineering

Gillin Hall D-102

1 506 453 5113

Speciality: Highway Safety; Transportation Planning; Traffic Engineering


  • PhD, University of Waterloo
  • BScE and MScE Civil Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • Professor Hildebrand has extensive consulting experience in the fields of Transport Safety and Traffic Engineering

Research interests

  1. Road Safety Engineering and Highway Planning/Design
  2. The Use of Microsimulation in Transportation and Traffic Planning
  3. Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Vehicle Crashworthiness
  4. Elderly Drivers and Mobility
  5. Traffic Engineering
  6. Road Safety Audits and Reviews

Courses taught

  • CE 3201 Introduction to Transportation Engineering
  • CE 5222 Traffic Engineering
  • CE 6204 Transport Data Analysis
  • CE 6214 Transportation Simulation
  • CE 6223 Road Safety Engineering
  • CE 6234 Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CE 6283 Transportation Policy

Chairs, memberships and groups

  • Past President: Canadian Transportation Research Forum
  • Transportation Association of Canada, Chair of Scholarship Committee
  • Transportation Association of Canada, Road Safety Standing Committee
  • Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, Board of Directors

Recent publications

Northmore, A. and E.D. Hildebrand, Aggregated North American Safety Performance Functions for Signalized and Stop-Controlled Intersections, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, vol. 47, No. 6, 2020.

Hildebrand, E.D. and J.F. Morrall, Cross Slope and Climate Change: Implications for Highway Design and Road Safety, accepted for publication in the proceedings of the Transportation Association of Canada annual conference, September, 2021.

Mustafa, R, J.S. Christie, and E.D. Hildebrand, Developing an “Intelligent” High-fidelity GIS-based Travel Demand Model Framework for Improved Network-wide Traffic Estimation, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, DOI 10.1139/cjce-2019-0085, vol. 47, No. 8, 2020.

Northmore, A. and E.D. Hildebrand, Development of Collision Adjustment Factors for the Canadian Traffic Signal Warrant Matrix Procedure, to be presented at the Transportation Association of Canada annual conference, Vancouver, BC, September 2020.

Northmore, A. and E.D. Hildebrand, Intersection Characteristics That Influence Collision Severity and Cost, Journal of Safety Research,, Elsevier, The Netherlands, volume 70, pp. 49-57, September 2019.

McBride, H.D., E.D. Hildebrand, and J.S. Christie, An Objective Warrant System for Red Light Cameras, Proceedings of the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference XXIX , Calgary, AB, May 2019.

Northmore, A. and E.D. Hildebrand, A Meta-Analysis of Collision Expectations at Signalized and Stop-Controlled Intersections in North America, Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting, paper #19-04401, Washington, D.C. Jan 13-17, 2019.

Hildebrand, E.D., C. Sowers, Monitoring Driver Adaptation to a Two-Lane Roundabout with UAS, report chapter, “The Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems to Remotely Collect Data for Road Infrastructure”, World Road Association (PIARC), report 2018SP03EN, ISBN 978-84060-493-8, Cedex, France, September 2018.

MacEacheron, C, E. Hildebrand, and T. Hanson, The Deterioration of Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity: Are We Ready to Adopt Minimum Standards?, in Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers annual conference, Fredericton, NB, June 13-16, 2018.

Recent distinctions

2017 Sanford Fleming Award, for outstanding contributions to transportation engineering research and practice in Canada, to be awarded by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering at their annual conference in Vancouver, June 2017.

Award of Academic Merit for 2012, Transportation Association of Canada, presented at the October 2012 Annual Conference in Fredericton, NB.

Dr. Charles Miller Award for Best Technical Paper, Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference, Banff, AB, June 10-14, 2012.

Eric Garland Teaching Award presented by the Civil Engineering Student Body, 2010, 2011 and 2013.