Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS)

The degree of Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS) is offered through the Faculty of Science in partnership with the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John (NBCC-SJ). Enrolment will be limited and based on availability of seats in the Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program at NBCC-SJ. Students may enter the program only with approval from the Dean of Science or the program Director. The BMLS degree requires completion of the MLT program either prior to or after completion of 84 credit hours of courses at UNB. For graduation, students must have completed the UNB portion of the degree as well as 2.5 years of the MLT program at NBCC-SJ and have passed the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) exams required for professional practice.
NOTE: Students who already have the MLT certification from NBCC-SJ or any other Canadian MLT program can be admitted to the BMLS degree with no limitation on enrolment. Foreign students cannot be admitted to the BMLS degree due to restrictions on acceptance of such students at NBCC-SJ.

First Year(42ch)

Second Year (42ch)

Total credits must equal 84 ch

List of Potential Science Electives:

BIOL 1711 (Human Anatomy I) - 4 ch
BIOL 2501 (Pathophysiology I) - 3 ch
BIOL 2513 (Pathophysiology II) - 3 ch
BIOL 3031 (Cell Signaling) - 3 ch
BIOL 3043 (Cell Biology) - 3 ch
BIOL 3162 (Developmental Biology) - 3 ch
BIOL 3261 (Microbial Physiology) - 3 ch
BIOL 3311 (Immunobiology) - 3 ch
BIOL 3493 (Introduction to Virology) - 3 ch
BIOL 3593 (Introductory Histology) - 4 ch
BIOL 3673 (General Parasitology) - 3 ch
BIOL 3802 (Animal Physiology) - 3 ch
BIOL 4182 (Embryology) - 4 ch
BIOL 3908 (Lab Studies in Vertebrate Physiology) - 3 ch
BIOL 4043 (Cellular Metabolism) - 3 ch
BIOL 4122 (Evolutionary Medicine) - 3 ch
CHEM 2121 (Analytical Chemistry) - 3 ch

List of Potential Arts Electives:

ADM 1015 (Introduction to Business) - 3 ch
ANTH 3502 (Medical Anthropology) - 3 ch
PHIL 3203 (Health Care Ethics) - 3 ch
PSYC 1013 (Introduction to Psychology I) - 3 ch
PSYC 1023 (Introduction to Psychology II) - 3 ch
PSYC 2703 (Foundations of Biological Psychology) - 3 ch
PSYC 3033 (Health Psychology) - 3 ch
SOCI 2375 (Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine) - 3 ch