BIOL2023Introductory Biochemistry 3 ch (3C)

An overview of the processes required for life from biochemical, molecular, genetic and cellular perspectives. Major topics will include the structure and function of biological macromolecules, and the pathways and mechanisms of gene expression, enzymes, and cell signalling.

Prerequisites: BIOL 1001 or BIOL 1009, BIOL 1006BIOL 1012 or BIOL 1019, BIOL 1017; CHEM 1001, CHEM 1006, CHEM 1012, CHEM 1017, or CHEM 1001, CHEM 1006, CHEM 1982, CHEM 1987.

Co-requisite: BIOL 2028. Pre- or co-requisite: CHEM 2401 or CHEM 2421 or permission of the instructor. Chemistry (Majors and Honours) students and Chemical Engineering students are not required to have taken BIOL 1006 and BIOL 1017.