Bachelor of Business Administration 

Faculty of Management

General Office: Singer Hall, Room 255
Mailing Address: Faculty of Management,
University of New Brunswick,
P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, N.B.,
Canada, E3B 5A3 
Phone: (506) 453-4869
Fax: (506) 453-3561


Dean: Devashis Mitra, BA, PhD, CA, FCA
Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies): Jeffrey J. McNally, BA, MA, PhD
Associate Dean (Strategic Initiatives): Martin Wielemaker, BSc, MSc, PhD
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs): Joseph Y. Abekah, BScAdmin, MSc, MAc, PhD

  • Abekah, Joseph Y., BScAdmin (Ghana), MSc (Boston), MAc (BGSU), PhD (Neb.-Lincoln), Prof and Assoc Dean (Undergraduate Programs) - 1991
  • Angeles, Rebecca, BA (Philippines), MBA (South Dakota), PhD (Memphis), Prof - 2003
  • Bruning, Patrick, BA, MSc (Manit), PhD (Purdue), Assoc Prof - 2014
  • Chawla, Akhila, BComm (University of Delhi), Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, India), MBA (Concordia), PhD (York) Asst Prof - 2015
  • Cziffra, Johnathan, BComm (McGill), MFin (Qu), PhD (HEC Montreal), CPA, CA, Asst Prof - 2018
  • Densmore, Michael, BBE, MSc (Brock), PhD (York), Asst Prof - 2021
  • Du, Donglei, BSc (Fudan), MSc (Shandong), PhD (Chinese Acad of Sci), PhD (Texas), Prof - 2003
  • Dunnett, A. Jane, BSc, MBA (UNB), PhD (Qu.), Assoc Prof - 2000
  • DuPlessis, Dorothy R., BComm, LLB, MBA (Dal), LLM (Lond), Prof - 1982
  • Eiselt, H. A., BA (Hannover), MBA, PhD (Georgia Augusta), Prof - 1986
  • Flint, Douglas H., BA (S. Fraser), MSc (McM.), MASc (Wat.), PhD (Tor), Prof – 2001
  • Foord, David, BA (Regina), LLB (Dal), PhD (UNB), Asst Prof - 2020
  • Frooman, Jeffrey, BS, BA (Ill-Urbana), MBA (Mich), MA, PhD (Pitts), Prof (Cross-Appt, Arts) – 2007
  • Gajurel, Dinesh, LLB, MBS, MA (Tribhuvan), MPhil (Tribhuvan-Nepal), PhD (Tasmania), Asst Prof - 2017
  • Grant, E. Stephen, BBA (UNB), MBA (Maine-Orono), PhD (Memphis), Prof - 1993
  • Haley, Lynn M., BSc, MBA (UNB), Sr.Teaching Assoc – 2005
  • Lan, Chunhua, DSc (Washington Univ. in St. Louis), PhD (Boston College), Asst Prof - 2018
  • Leonard, R. Glenn, BBA, MA, PhD (UNB), CPA, CA, Assoc Prof – 2006
  • Li, Wan, BEngMgmt, MMgmt (Xi;an Jiaotong Univ.China), PhD (York), Asst Prof - 2019
  • Lin, Hsin-Chen, BS, MS (National Taipei U.), PhD (Purdue), Assoc Prof - 2014
  • Lynch, Eamonn, BComm (Victoria), MSc (Leth), MBA (McG), DipUT (UNB), Sr Teaching Assoc - 2005
  • McNally, Jeffery J., BA (Mt. A), MA (UWO), PhD (McM.), Assoc Prof & Assoc Dean (Research & Graduate Studies) - 2010
  • Mitra, Devashis, BA (Delhi), PhD (Mass-Amherst), CA, FCA, Prof and Dean - 1991
  • Musaji, Serghei, B.Bnkg & Fin., MIB (Romania), MRM (Spain), PhD (Spain), Asst Prof - 2020
  • Nicholls, Shane, BBA , MScM (Brock), PhD (Concordia) - Asst Prof - 2020
  • Rahim, Abdur M., BSc, MSc (Dacca), DS (Rome), MSc (Ott), PhD (Windsor), Prof - 1983
  • Rashid, Muhammad, MA (York), PhD (Qu), Prof - 1985
  • Shaikh, Ibrahim A., BA (California Riverside), MA (California State University Fullerton), PhD (Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.), Asst Prof - 2015
  • Shamsi, Azam, BSc (Tehran), MSc (Sharif Univ. of Technology), PhD (McM), CFA, Asst Prof - 2018
  • Sharma, Basu D., BA, MA (Tribhuvan), AM, PhD (Ill-Urbana), Prof - 1985
  • Sheppard, Reginald G., BEd, BSc, BA (MUN), MEd, MBA (UNB), PhD (Bath, UK), Assoc Prof – 1999
  • Tajbakhsh, Alireza, BSc (Tehran), MSc (Sharif Univ. Technology), PhD (McM), Asst Prof -2019
  • Tucker, Suzanne, BBA, MBA (UNB), CMA, FCP, FCMA, CPA, Sr. Instructor - 2016
  • Wielemaker, Martin, BSc (UBC), MSc (Tech. Univ. Delft), PhD (Erasmus), Assoc Prof and Assoc Dean (Strategic Initiatives) - 2002
General Information

Through the cooperation of New Brunswick business firms and professional associations, the Department of Business Administration was created in the Faculty of Arts during 1951 to service the needs of Canadian business for men and women with specialized training in the field of management. A School of Administration superseded the Department in 1975 and the Faculty of Administration was established during 1980. The name was modified to the Faculty of Business Administration in 2005. The current name, Faculty of Management, commenced on July 1, 2019. The Faculty's operations since 1987 have been based in Ethel Francis Singer Hall, a building named in memory of the first Jewish woman (BA’35, MA ‘38) to graduate from the University of New Brunswick.

The four-year program leads to the degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Honours BBA. The course of studies is designed to ensure that students receive a broad-based education, by requiring a variety of courses from across the University, as well as courses from the functional areas within the Faculty of Management. Students will be made aware of the economic and environmental context within which modern business operates, as well as learning about administrative principles and practices.

Business Administration courses include accounting, finance, general management, human resource management, law, management information systems, marketing, operations management, organizational behaviour, and quantitative analysis. Lectures, class discussions, laboratory work, essays, and case studies are used depending upon the requirements of the subject.

  1. Business Administration and Accounting
  2. Business Administration and Law
  3. Graduate Study in Business Administration 
  4. Graduates of a Community College or Equivalent System 
  5. University Regulations 
  6. BBA for Student's with Another Bachelor's Degree
  7. BBA Regulations 
  8. Degree Standing on Graduation 
  9. Business Administration Curriculum 
  10. Curriculum Requirements 
  11. Concentration Courses 
  12. Major Courses 
  13. Co-operative Education Option 
  14. Minor in Business 
  15. Certificate Programs