13. Co-Operative Education Option

The Faculty of Business Administration offers a Co-operative Education (Co-op) option that is available to academically qualified BBA students who have completed one year of study. Co-op is “practical” education which extends the learning process beyond the classroom into the workplace by alternating academic study terms with paid periods of career related work experience. The Co-op Option in Business Administration consists of eight study terms and three work terms of four months each. This option is normally completed in four calendar years, compared to four academic years for the regular BBA degree. The Co-op option allows students to complete concentrations or majors per degree requirements (see Sections 9B, 9C, 11, 12), in addition to Co-op. Students normally apply for entry to the Co-op option during their second term of study. Later application and entry into the co-op option may be possible.

a. Admission to the Co-op option is competitive. Students must achieve a GPA of at least 3.0 in the study term preceding their application for employment. Students are advised to contact the Faculty of Business Administration Co-op Coordinator for additional acceptance criteria.
b. Students must register for each work term in order that they be considered full-time students while working.
c. A work term fee will be charged for each 4 month work term registered.
d. A student's progress on work terms will normally be jointly monitored by the employer and through on-site visits by the Co-op Coordinator. As well, the employer will complete an evaluation of the student. The student must discuss these evaluations with the Coordinator upon returning to UNBF from the work term.
e. Students must have a minimum of 3 work terms, alternating with study terms, with satisfactory employer evaluations and work term reports to meet the requirements of the Co-op option. Upon graduation with the BBA degree, Co-op students meeting these requirements will have the designation “Co-operative Education” following the degree designation on their transcript.
f. Students will normally have at least one study term after their last work term.
g. Each successful work term will be noted on the student’s transcript.
h. Upon successful completion of three work terms, students will be registered in ADM 4195 , Co-operative Education.