10. Curriculum Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet all the requirements specified for the degree. These include the minimum credit hour requirements, grades of at least C in the required courses and all first year elective requirements from Groups A, B, and C (see below). A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above must be achieved on the courses designated for a concentration or a major. Students are advised to consult Section F of this calendar for detailed course descriptions including the number of credit hours assigned to each course.

Students will normally take their courses in the following sequence:

0-30 Credit Hours

A. 24 ch of required courses

B. 6 ch of electives from the Breadth Group (see Note (1) below)

31-60 Credit Hours

A. 24 credit hours of required courses 

B. 6 ch of electives from the Breadth Group (see Note (1) below)

61-90 Credit Hours (BBA)
61-90 Credit Hours (Honours BBA)

A. 9 ch of required courses 

B. 3 ch of electives from the Breadth Group (see Note (1) below)
C. 18 ch of electives from Business Administration or other faculties (see 9 A.2 above).

91-120 Credit Hours (BBA)
91-126 Credit Hours (Honours BBA)

A. 3 ch of required courses

B. Candidates for a BBA must take 27 elective credits from Business Administration or from other faculties (see 9.A.7, 9.A.8, 9.B.2, 9.B.3). Students completing an Honours BBA must complete an additional 6 ch of Business Administration electives during their final year of studies (see 9.A.7, 9.A.8, 9.C.2, 9.C.5).


  1. Breadth Group: Students must take 15 ch of electives from the following list of courses.
    1. 6 ch in a group "A" of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology or Political Science.
    2. 3 ch in group "B" of Classics, English, History and Philosophy
    3. 6 ch in group "C" of non-English language courses. Includes Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Normally a student will be expected to complete 6 ch in a single language. Excludes cultural awareness courses or courses from those departments, which are taught in English. Native speakers must choose courses in an alternate language.
  2. Students who plan to do more than the minimum requirements in Mathematics are advised to take MATH 1003 followed by MATH 1013 in their first year. These students should then take MATH 2003 to complete the Mathematics requirements for the BBA. (NOTE: Students cannot receive credit for both MATH 1833 and MATH 2003.) Students who wish to continue in Mathematics must then take MATH 2013 since it is a prerequisite for other Mathematics courses.
  3. Course sequencing: BBA students are required to complete ADM 1113 and ADM 1165 during the first 15 ch. ADM1213 and ADM1313 during the first 30ch, and PHIL 2203, ADM 2623, and ADM 2166, must be completed during the first 75 ch.