Health and safety

The Campus Safety office assists others in fulfilling their responsibilities for safe work practices by providing information on workplace hazards, evaluating work environments and recommending standard methods for improving safety in the workplace.

All health and safety policies contained herein apply to the University of New Brunswick Saint John campus.

A copy of the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act (NBOHS) is held at the Safety and Security Office.

Policies and manuals

All accidents are to be documented using the accident report form

Copies of the forms are filed with the University Personnel Department. Accident investigation is an integral part of this system whereby every accident is investigated and corrective action initiated where necessary. Statistics are compiled each year with reports being issued by the Manager of Security and Safety to the campus Joint Health and Safety Committee as well as the Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission.

Learn more about internal accident reporting procedures.

Fire and safety inspections are conducted throughout the campus by the Security personnel on a daily, monthly, quarterly basis as well as yearly inspections of buildings conducted by the Joint Health and Safety Committee members.

Emergency first aid is provided on several different levels. Some departments have their own first aid qualified staff in which case they are provided with a first aid kit and their name and location within the building is posted on a bulletin board so the University Community is informed. For those without, Security is your first aid provider and their contact information is posted on all Emergency Procedures Posters and available on all Pay Phones. Security has access to a portable AED.

Security (648-5675) is to be notified for in any situation where it has been determined a direct call to 911 is necessary, as they will then meet the responding emergency personnel and direct them to the appropriate location.