There are two types of parking available at UNB Saint John:

  1. Permit parking - Spaces designated as General, Faculty/Staff, Residence, or Visitor parking.
  2. Hotspot parking - Hotspot parking is a quick and convenient was to park on campus, but not permitted for use in faculty/staff, residence, or visitor parking locations. To get started, download the Hotspot app

Faculty and staff can park in spaces designated faculty/staff or general.

Students are permitted to park in designated faculty/staff parking areas after 4 p.m.

Review our parking regulations and Schedule B fine amounts.

Permit parking

There are 2 types of parking permits:

  • Decals: Stick to the windshield and cannot be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Decals are replaced by peeling them off the windshield and returning them to the Safety & Security Office in the Athletics Building. The replacement fee is $12.00.
  • Hang tags: Hang from the rear view mirror and are transferable from vehicle to vehicle owned within the same family living at the same address. Hang tags are not replaceable. If stolen or lost, the full fee (based on time remaining on the permit) is charged as the replacement cost.

Parking permits are not valid at a parking meter.

Temporary day passes

If a permit holder forgets their tag or if they have their vehicle with decal in the shop for repairs etc., a free temporary day pass is available. This day pass is available from the Safety & Security Supervisor's Office located in the Athletics Centre Building Room 118.

Ordering your permit

UNB students, faculty and staff can order their permit using the online permit order form. UNB login credentials are required.

  • fill out your vehicle information online
  • pay with UCard Cash or set up Payroll Deduction
  • choose whether to pick up your permit from the Security Office or have it mailed to your home

Note: If you purchase online and the system does not give you the option for a Residence permit, contact David Gillespie at or bring your yellow permit to security to exchange for a red residence permit

NBCC/DMNB students, faculty, and staff need to purchase your permit in person at the Office of the Registrar in Oland Hall. Appointments are required. Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted.

Book an appointment

Parking permit fees

Faculty and staff

  • Full Year (Sept - August): $321
  • 10 Month (Sept - June): $269
  • 2 Terms (Full-time): $216
  • 2 Terms (Part-Time): $151
  • 1 Term (Full-Time): $151
  • 1 Term (Part-Time): $101
  • 1 Month: $48
  • UNBREA: $82


  • Full Year (Sept - August): $210
  • 10 Month (Sept - June): $176
  • 2 Terms: $142
  • 1 Term: $98
  • 1 Month: $48

All prices include HST. Revenues collected from the sale of parking permits goes to support the maintenance and repair of parking lots, provide lighting, provide snow clearing and ice control services, provide traffic & parking signs.

Lost or stolen permits

Report lost or stolen tags to the security office. If another vehicle is found displaying the stolen permit, the owner of that vehicle will be charged with theft.