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Graduate program


We offer our graduate program in biology at both the masters and doctoral levels. Research areas include:

Marine biology

  • Ecology and conservation of marine birds
  • Roles of dispersal and behaviour in regulating marine bird populations
  • Ecophysiology and biochemistry of seaweeds
  • Aquaculture (integrated multi-trophic aquaculture)
  • Suspension feeding in marine invertebrates
  • Recruitment and early post-settlement processes in marine invertebrates
  • Evolutionary ecology of coastal marine invertebrates
  • Fisheries ecology (invertebrate)
  • Fisheries conservation genomics

Environmental biology

  • Effects of multiple stressors on aquatic systems
  • Effects of habitat loss and degradation on populations, communities and ecosystems
  • Environmental physiology of fishes
  • Chemical contamination of aquatic food webs; aquatic toxicology
  • Impacts of anthropogenic effects (low oxygen, effluents, elevated temperatures) on fish metabolism and swimming abilities.
  • Effects of forest management on biodiversity (plants, amphibians)

Natural products chemistry

  • Marine and terrestrial chemical ecology; the development of natural product based anti-foulants
  • Endophytic fungi and their bioactive/antimicrobial properties
  • Secondary metabolites and novel drug leads


  • Aquatic molecular ecology
  • Ecological genomics
  • Environmental DNA (eDNA) and metagenomics
  • Fisheries Conservation genomics

Continuing students

The School of Graduate Studies requires that you submit a progress report at least once per year. However, you must meet your committee at least twice annually. At the conclusion of each meeting, the committee should complete a progress form. This form must be signed and returned to Ganong Hall 229.

Training, certifications and diplomas

It's your responsibility to acquire any certifications required to conduct your research. You should discuss these with your supervisor as soon as possible after your official start date. The courses for these certifications are periodically offered at UNB.

Possible certifications include:

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Radiation safety seminars
  • Animal care courses such as Experimental Fish (offered by UPEI).

Finishing students

Thesis preparation

Information on thesis preparation, submission and defense are found at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) under current students

Procedures differ slightly between the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Check the guidelines that apply to your degree before you begin the examination and defense process.