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Community engagement

The University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering (SASE) is known for its commitment to community engagement and exceptionally strong connections with the Saint John area and the province of New Brunswick.

Student and faculty contributions

This connection fosters an environment where students have opportunities to work on real-world projects that help to develop their skills and make an impact in our community.

Faculty members focus on research that directly changes the world we live in. Our commitment to innovation improves the quality of life in Canada and beyond our borders, by developing new methods to manage environmental resources and healthcare systems.

We're reinventing Saint John, New Brunswick and beyond

Our faculty members are internationally recognized experts who provide research services to public and private organizations from across the globe. We are home to research facilities in areas such as aquatic sciences and nursing.

Making a difference in the Saint John area and in New Brunswick 

The Department of Computer Science hosts an annual provincial competition for high school students to test computer programming skills and problem-solving abilities, while also encouraging teamwork.

Chris Baker, chair of the Computer Science Department, presented new technologies at the Agricultural Chief Scientists of the G20 in 2017.

The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences hosts NaviCare/SoinsNavi, a bilingual navigation centre that supports physical, mental, emotional and social needs of children and their families.

Shelley Doucet, a professor in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, is the primary N.B. researcher leading the NB CIHR Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI).

Pam Pastirik, a senior teaching associate in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, is the director of Camp Kerry Atlantic, a support charity which provides bereavement support for families experiencing the loss of a children or parent.

Thierry Chopin, a biology professor, received the distinction of Chevalier (Knight) in France's Ordre du Mérite. He also presents his research to local community groups to showcase how science impacts everyday life.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts multiple competitions every year for hundreds of K-12 students from New Brunswick. 

Faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics participate as judges at the Fundy Regional Science Fair. This competition is hosted by SASE every year and its projects are selected for the national science fair. Faculty also take part in various math camps in the province. 

Researchers from the Department of Psychology are involved in crime prevention initiatives and sit on boards such as the Advocacy Committee of the New Brunswick John Howard Society and the New Brunswick Roundtable on Crime Prevention and Public Safety.

Get involved 

Our students and faculty members are contributing their time, energy and expertise to the greater Saint John community. Contact us to get involved.