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Message from the dean

Michael van Zyll de Jong

The University of New Brunswick mission is to inspire and educate our people to become problem solvers and leaders in the world, undertake research that addresses societal and scientific challenges, and engage with our partners to build a more just, sustainable and inclusive world.

The faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering (SASE) is dedicated to this mission. Through collective leadership, interdisciplinarism, innovation and collaboration, our faculty staff and students are making meaningful contributions to the societies we live in.

During the spring of 2019 the faculty of SASE began the process of developing a strategic framework to implement this mission. We established a large representative committee to work toward this goal, composed of key professional staff and faculty from all academic departments. We developed our strategic framework through a series of broad consultations and focused facilitated sessions with the planning committee.

Our plan provides a clear vision and a set of principles, priorities and metrics upon which to plan and evaluate existing programs and new initiatives. I would like to thank my colleagues for their commitment, time and thoughtfulness. This strategic planning framework, the first for SASE, clearly defines a roadmap to strengthen and expand UNB’s vision in the 21st century. We have an exciting path ahead of us as we begin to implement this ambitious vision.

SASE is in the midst of transformational change through the establishment of new and innovative programs. This is highlighted by three new undergraduate 4-year programs in the Department of Engineering (environmental, industrial and computer) and a graduate program in systems engineering planned for implementation in 2023. New undergraduate and graduate programs in data science are being developed by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics which are anticipated to roll out in 2024.

The Department of Biological Sciences has forged a reputation of one of the best marine biology programs in the country, they will be building on this success with the creation of new program in Applied Coastal Studies. This novel B.Sc. focuses on the application of ecology and data science to contemporary problems in managing our natural resources. The program draws on concepts and ideas from the science of ecology and these are brought to bear on policy setting, decision-making, and management practice. This program will roll out in 2024.

The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences continues to grow addition with the addition of the licensed practical nurse bridge program and the development of undergraduate programs in the Health Sciences in respiratory therapy and radiography.

The Department of Psychology is home to our most successful undergraduate programs and has the largest number of majors. This success will be built upon with the addition of a master's program in applied psychology, research and evaluation which is focused on providing much-needed skills development in program evaluation in the health sector. In addition, the department is continuing to develop new program areas in neuroscience and mental health studies.

Our strategic initiatives embody the pillars of the UNB strategic plan and the UNB Saint John campus academic plan. We believe that our new and innovative undergraduate offerings and a more robust graduate studies program will attract more student applications and result in a doubling of growth in 10 years.

These ambitious goals are necessary to generate a more sustainable and impactful future and a culture where faculty, academic partners, stakeholders and students work collaboratively. To support these goals, we are actively increasing engagement by expanding and coordinating our programs and research to include community support and involvement at all scales and enhancing our communication and collaboration with our alumni, corporate and government partners.

I am grateful and privileged to serve the faculty staff and students of SASE and the University of Brunswick at large. I invite all alumni to visit us and always know that you are an integral part of our faculty and our future success. Over the years you serve many valuable roles, that have assisted in building and growing the UNB brand. Thank you for your continued support and allegiance to this institution of higher learning and scholarship.

All the very best,
Michael van Zyll de Jong