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Moving in or out

Students are encouraged to move in on their specified move-in day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The check-in area for both residences is located at the front of Mackay Residence, where you will meet the Residence Life team and residence council. This is also where an RA will check you in.

Due to logistics and orientation, you are only permitted to move in early if:

  • you are a co-op student and must start your work term early
  • you are an international student with a pre-arranged flight itinerary
  • you are a student-athlete who must come back early

You must communicate with the Residence Life office and provide us with documentation supporting your request as we require proof before approving or denying your request. 

Arriving outside of check-in hours

If you are not arriving between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on your specified move-in day, email with your name, room number and residence and let us know when you will be arriving. That way we can ensure an RA is here to greet you and welcome you to your new home. Please call the RA phone number (506-650-4639) to reach the residence assistant on duty.

If you are a new student, we recommend that you check-in during regular hours so you can participate in all activities, meet all the staff and receive the same experience as all the other students.

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Moving out

Sometimes residence life isn’t for you. If you experience any difficulties, contact your residence life coordinator or talk to an RA. We are here to help you, but we need to be aware of any problems you face in order to support you.

Before checking out of your room:

  • Call the RA at least 30 minutes before your planned departure to ensure sufficient time to go over the room inventory form.
  • Ensure that everything is taken down off the walls, the room is clean and your belongings are packed. If these three things are not done, the RA will ask you to do so before you check out.