About our dining options

There will be changes made to the 2023/2024 meal plan options. Residence students will be moving to a more equitable meal plan service which will ensure they have access to three balanced meals a day.

More details on these changes will become available in the coming months and members of the UNB Saint John community will be notified prior to the formal roll-out in September 2023.

The Baird Dining Room, located in the Student Centre, offers a main meat or vegetarian entrée for lunch and dinner, as well as a grill, a deli, soups and salads, desserts, snacks and breakfast options. Our chefs will always accommodate anyone with specific allergy or cultural requirements, so don't be afraid to ask!

There is also a Java Moose in the Hans W. Klohn Commons where you can use your meal card.

How the 2022-23 plan works

You received your meal plan in two halves, once in September 2022 and once in January 2023. Any money left from your first half was added to your January balance.

Any unused balance as of April 2023 is forfeited.

If you run out of money on your meal plan before the 2023 winter term ends, you can top up your meal plan by submitting a payment to Chartwells.

If you have any questions, or wish to receive a copy of your meal plan agreement, contact us directly.