Living in residence

UNB Saint John Residence Residence is more than just a place to live. It is an opportunity for personal growth, academic support, leadership development, & lifelong friendships. With our small size, you will experience unique benefits at UNB Saint John that you will not find anywhere else.  We would be thrilled to have you join the Residence Community!

Comprehensive support and a welcoming community

The Residence Life team is here to ensure that your experience in the UNB Saint John Residence Community is the best that it can be!  It consists of front-line student support staff, the Resident Assistants, elected student volunteers, Residence Council, and the Residence Life Coordinator.

With your help, we can foster a safe, welcoming, fun and accepting home, create an environment conductive to a safe and healthy learning environment and will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to communicate and interact within a community while growing and developing as an individual with mutual respect for each other. 

We welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures and hope that you will enjoy our diverse community that you will experience and come familiar with during the school year.

Residence Life Staff

Our Residence Life Staff (RLS) consists of trained Residence Assistants (RA's) on each floor of the Mackay Residence and three in the Dunn Residence, as well as the Residence Life Coordinator.

RAs are upper year students who live in residence with you. This group of student leaders are hired by Residence Life to help you in your pursuit of academic and social growth. Each RA is responsible for providing a safe and secure living environment, making sure rules are followed that are conducive to a safe and healthy living and learning environment, as well as leadership assistance, and support to you in whatever way you need it. The on-duty RA can be reached at anytime of day or night.

Residence Council

Life here is not complete without the many fun social activities that take place within the walls of residence. Residence Council is a group of students who are elected each year and volunteer their time & effort to help you make the most out of your residence experience. From movie nights to themed parties, Winter Formal to Year-End Dinner, the Residence Council is a great way to get involved!

Your time in UNBSJ residence is not just about having a room to sleep in and a meal hall to eat at; it’s a community where you may foster friendships that could last a lifetime. My advice to students moving in would be to not shy away from going to events, both ones put together by residence council and those around campus. Bundle up in the fall and go to a football game, brush up on your trivia knowledge and win some prizes at trivia nights, hunt for chocolate around campus at Easter. Lots of activities even involve free food! Both residences at UNBSJ will begin to feel like home in no time at all. You will be made to feel very welcome on this beautiful campus.

Catherine Bruce, 2nd year BHS student