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New student orientation

Orientation week eases the transition to university and promotes relationship building with fellow students and the campus community. All new UNB Saint John students (all first year: international or domestic; high-school entrant, transfer, or mature) are invited to participate in orientation events.

This term, we’ve built an Orientation schedule with you in mind! We’ve asked what you would like and are scheduling all of these sessions—and we know many of you will be required to social isolate, so everything will be broadcast via Teams.

Our goal is to make you feel welcome, as well as prepared for the upcoming year. During the orientation events, you will have the option to participate in academic, social and recreational activities that will help you feel comfortable in your new environment. Be sure to register in advance for any session that requires an RSVP.

What you can expect

During the week of Jan. 6-8 you will be able to take part in a several social events that will be broadcast virtually using Microsoft Teams. These sessions will include a Brunch and Brush, a virtual 30 minute fitness class, and a chance to meet your SRC president. We will also host short 30 minute sessions designed to let you meet your faculty Dean. Need to know more about how to use Microsoft Teams, head over to the new student checklist and watch the videos.

During the week of Jan. 11-15 you will be able to take in important informational session with our Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Student Services and so much more. This week the SRC Orientation Chair and VP Student Life will also host some evening virtual events as well.

During the week of Jan. 18 the campus will commence any face-to-face lectures that are on your schedule. We know that many of you will have had to self-isolate over the first two weeks and still won’t know your way around campus. For that reason, we are doing our best to arrange one-on-one tours to help you find your way to your classrooms.


Tuesday, Jan. 5

Arrival checklist after completed self-isolation, 1 – 1:45 p.m. | Congratulations on having completed your self-isolation! This session will go over the next steps that most new international students need to complete to get settled into life in Saint John. A 20-minute presentation followed by questions and answers. Join the session.

Dressing for the Canadian winter, 2 – 3:30 p.m. | Lina Gharbiya from the Newcomers Association will give tips and advice on how to love your first Canadian winter and talk about the services offered at the Saint John Newcomers Centre. The presentation will be followed by a question and answering period and then a draw for number of surprise winter preparation gifts amongst those attending. Join the session.

Immigration once arrived in Canada, 4 – 4:30 p.m. | Join this brief but important session to be fully aware of important Canadian immigration regulations as you start your classes. A presentation will take you through various requirements and working on and off campus. Join the session.

Thursday, Jan. 7 – your emergency insurance coverage, 11:30 a.m. | UNB works with the insurance company to provide emergency health insurance to incoming international students. Learn about the coverage and how to use it when you need it. You will be able to submit your questions electronically throughout this session, and they will be answered after the presentation. Join the session.

Friday, Jan. 8

Campus health services and COVID regulations on campus, 11:30 a.m. | Become familiar with about the Campus Health Centre and how to access this and community health resources before you may need to use to use them. Our nurse practitioner will also explain important COVID regulations on campus. The session will allow for question and answers at the end. Join the session.

10 a.m. Orientation Kick-off and Brunch and Brush | Join SRC President Patrick Hickey, our Winter Orientation Team for the kick off to orientation. We will also host a Brunch and Brush. Prepare your breakfast and join us for an hour long guided painting exercise. Paint kits will be delivered in Residence to students who "PRE-Register" and available for pick-up on Campus on the afternoon of January 5th for any other interested student. Join the session.

2 p.m. Faculty of Science, Applied Sciences, and Engineering Meet and Greet | Join the Dean and faculty from Engineering, Nursing, Psychology, Biology, Statistics, Math, Health Sciences, and Computer Science as they share tips on what to expect academically, and how to succeed while loving your time at UNB. Join the session.

10 a.m. Mental Health and Wellness Session with Trish and Cat | Kick off the term on the right footing by knowing how to take care of your mental wellness. Join our Counselling team as they discuss various mental health techniques and about on-campus mental health resources. Join the session.

2 p.m. Faculty of Arts Meet and Greet | Join the Faculty of Arts Dean and professors as you meet other students and learn about each of the different majors and disciplines you can study at UNB Saint John. This is for anyone who was wondering what exactly is involved in philosophy, sociology, etc. Join the session.

10 a.m. Virtual Workout and Fitness in Small space | For this workout we will provide a 30 guided session for how to keep active in small spaces. Designed with those in isolation in mind, you will be able to keep moving even though you don’t have a lot of room—don’t worry, you don’t to turn on your camera! Join the session.

2:30 p.m. Faculty of Business Meet and Greet | Join the Faculty of Business Dean and professors as you meet other students and learn about each of the degrees you can study in the Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John. Join the session.

10:30 a.m. Office of the Registrar Services Session | Join the staff from the Registrar's Office as they provide an overview of the UNB Portal E-services that relate to the Student Academic and Financial Menus. They will also review services provided by the Office of the Registrar. Join the session.

10:30 a.m. Financial Aid and Financial Services Session | Join staff from both Financial Aid AND Financial Services as they review important information related to billing, bursaries, fees, payment plan, and timelines at UNB Saint John. Join the session.

10:30 a.m. Academic Advising 101 | Join staff from the Office of the Registrar as they review important academic information such as timelines, processes, building a schedule and timetabling related to first term students at UNB Saint John. Join the session.

10:30 a.m. International Student Session | This virtual meeting gives an opportunity to learn about life at UNB Saint John whether you are studying in Canada or abroad. You’ll hear tips about life in Canada, tidbits on how to succeed, immigration and so much more. The webinar will feature multiple Q&A opportunities for you to your many questions! Join the session.

Faculty welcome

Each of our faculties are preparing a way to welcome you to campus and to your new academic family. From barbeques, student panels, and “speed dating a Major”, there is a variety of events planned to orient you to your Faculty. Our main goal here is to help you integrate both academically and socially to UNB Saint John.

Academic advising and registration sessions

Our academic advisors will be hosting virtual presentations to help students understand the course requirements of their degree, important academic information and select the courses you will take in your Fall and Winter term. We will host group sessions for students for most undergraduate programs at UNB Saint John.

These sessions are designed for students who have yet to register and to help you register for the courses. Students only need to attend this session if you do not know how to register using e-services or if you are experiencing issues.

Student Representative Council

Your SRC Orientation Chair has spent the summer furiously planning activities to introduce you to student life here at UNB Saint John. Join us for walks in the park, movie nights under the stars, online comedy shows, car washes for Shinerama and so much more. This combination of online and face-to-face events is designed to introduce you to life as a student whether you can be on campus or are studying from afar.

Student Services sessions

Student Services will host a set of sessions including Transitioning to University, Immigration, Welcoming students to NB and Canada, financial aid (with guest presenter from the Provincial government), and many more.