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Hire an MBA student consultant

Innovative thinkers at competitive rates

Have a project you need to tackle or an expertise gap you need to fill? Consider hiring an MBA student.

9-week project

Access a pool of global business professionals to work on your organization’s burning issues at competitive rates by hiring an MBA student from UNB Saint John. Whether your project has gathered dust due to a lack of in-house bandwidth or has been pushed aside because you just don’t have the internal expertise, our MBA students are ready and qualified to tackle your project.

For much less than the price of a consulting firm you can choose from a roster of 93 students who represent over 19 different countries and dozens of multinational firms.

All the resumes you review will show at a minimum an undergraduate degree, at least of two years previous work experience and eight months of intensive MBA business courses. Our program pushes students to become adept at managing priorities, identifying problems and presenting viable solutions.

Our students will be innovative about stretching resources and presenting practical implementation plans.

Do you have a project in mind?

There are presently two opportunities to work with these professionals as part of their Business Consulting Project requirements; May to July and July to September. During this 9-week period, students are expected to demonstrate value as defined by their role in your organization. In addition students will complete a project report that is beneficial to their employer and that meets their academic requirements.

Examples of past projects include:

  • New business development opportunities
  • Review project management practices and methodologies for improved effectiveness
  • Conduct a market feasibility study and assessment
  • Prepare human resource management policies and procedures

Our students

This year’s class offers a rich talent pool, including students from 19 countries with undergraduate degrees in business, engineering, science, arts and law. Prior to entering the program, students require a minimum of three years' previous work experience. The class average is 29 years of age.


If this opportunity sounds compelling, reach out to our Business Consulting team today at

Hire an MBA