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MBA Business Consulting Project

Seeking to hire a new employee? Consider hiring a University of New Brunswick MBA student.

9 week project

Students in our one-year intensive MBA program are required to complete a nine-week Business Consulting Project — transferring their skills from the classroom to the workforce. This can be a great way to “test drive” a potential new employee.

During this project, students demonstrate value in their designated role, as determined by the employer, and through a consulting project report, such as:

  • Designing and implementing a market expansion plan
  • Conducting a market feasibility study and assessment
  • Preparing human resource management policies and procedures
  • Investigating and assessing new business development opportunities

Our placement periods are:

  • May 22 – July 20
  • July 23 – Sept. 20 (opportunity for extension)

Our students

This year’s class offers a rich talent pool, including students from 12 countries with undergraduate degrees in marketing, business development, finance, accounting, IT and engineering. Prior to entering the program, students require a minimum of three years' previous work experience. The class average is 30 years of age.

Employer feedback

Employers who have partnered with our program have experienced great results and are impressed with our students’ quality of work and level of dedication — often making full-time employment offers.

Additionally, many employers have reported that given the MBA student wage is significantly less than hiring an outside consultant, they have budget to hire one or more students to work on significant business development projects.