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MBA Business Consulting Project

9-week project

Students in our one-year intensive MBA program have the option to complete a nine-week Business Consulting Project.

During this project, students demonstrate value in their designated role, as determined by the employer, and through a consulting project report, such as:

  • Designing and implementing a market expansion plan
  • Conducting a market feasibility study and assessment
  • Preparing human resource management policies and procedures
  • Investigating and assessing new business development opportunities

Our placement periods are:

  • May 20 – July 19
  • July 22 – Sept. 20 (opportunity for extension)

Our students

This year’s class offers a rich talent pool, including students from 20 countries with undergraduate degrees in finance and accounting (34%), sales (16%), project management (13%), engineering (8%), information technology (7%), human resources (8%), and marketing and communications (6%) .

Prior to entering the program, students require a minimum of three years' previous work experience. The class average work experience is 8 years.

Employer feedback

Employers who have partnered with our program have experienced great results and are impressed with our students’ quality of work and level of dedication — often making full-time employment offers.

Additionally, many employers have reported that given the MBA student wage is significantly less than hiring an outside consultant, they have budget to hire one or more students to work on significant business development projects.

Contact for more information.

Hire innovative thinkers

Employer testimonials

Envision Saint John

We had a fantastic experience hosting a BCP student. Thanks to Prerna's dedication and professionalism, we were able to complete a project much sooner than anticipated.

Hosting MBA students at Envision Saint John is always a pleasure and we highly recommend that other employers take advantage of this opportunity.

Join us in supporting and developing the next generation of business leaders!

Daniel Rito, Envision

Horizon Health

Horizon Health had six MBA students as interns in 2023 and it was an incredible experience! They focused on critical projects and met each deliverable with excellence and drive. They sought out opportunities to grow and learn with our team.

Each student brought their authentic self to the work experience and was eager to demonstrate their capacity. As an organization, we hired three of the six students into full time jobs.

I would highly recommend working with University of New Brunswick MBA internship program.

Christie Ruff, Horizon Health

Imperial Theatre

Working with the UNB MBA Program with the Business Consulting Project was incredibly rewarding. From start to finish, the ease of receiving information on how our organization might be a fit and the follow up with a successful candidate was a lovely experience.

As a BCP employer, it felt reciprocal in the most meaningful way in our shared collaboration of a successful project.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Heather White Brittain, Imperial Theatre

J.D. Irving, Limited

Kandarp is the full package of consultant, change manager and analyst who is very capable of operating on his own and is open to direction and guidance.

Mark Gallagher, J.D. Irving, Limited

NB Lung

We welcomed a BCP student to our team to assist in finding some focus and clarity in analyzing our past fundraising success and challenges and provide a fresh perspective on potential future opportunities.

Working remotely, I was exceptionally impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the student as they compiled and analyzed data and provided an in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for our revenue generation and provided recommendations for future endeavours that were within the scope of our current capacity.

Melanie Langille, NB Lung

Prude Inc.

Throughout the BCP, we have successfully attained a heightened multitude of objectives. The dedicated and skilled students from the MBA program have harnessed the entirety of their potential and talents to actively bolster our endeavors on specific projects, and furthermore, have been instrumental in introducing innovative initiatives.

Upon the completion of their studies, we have facilitated substantial recommendations to reputable enterprises, facilitating their recruitment and concurrently welcomed them into our staff as valued members.

Brenda Diaz, Prude Inc.


An MBA student provides a fresh perspective to any industry that they bring the foundational knowledge of how businesses work.

As students complete the consulting project, they incorporate the current learnings with out of the box questions and solutions that are appreciated.

Amy Cormier, Sunbury