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History & Politics programs


History is one of the strongest research departments at UNB Saint John. Our historians are active researchers and students have an opportunity to learn how to assess documents and text, to think critically, and to write essays, reviews and reports from scholars who are engaged in the same activities.

Dr. Marquis is a best-selling author with expertise in policing, law enforcement and the history of crime; Dr. Fury’s books on Elizabethan England and the Holocaust/Second World War have garnered international attention; one of Dr. Whitney’s books on revolutionary political change has been translated into Spanish; and two of Dr. Lindsay’s books have been digitized, one for an international database in the history of science. You’ll have small, interactive classes, led by experienced professors like Dr. Erin Spinney who encourage vigorous debate as you learn about the past and the present.

We offer a major, double major or minor program, as well as an honours program for students whose academic standing meets the admission criteria found in the undergraduate calendar.


The politics faculty at UNB’s Saint John campus includes experts on everything from violence in Mexico to sex work in Canada to the dynamics of cabinet decision-making. You’ll work closely with professors and develop critical thinking and communications skills while learning about the political world around you.

Studying politics will have you examining how and why governments make the decisions they do, and how these decisions then affect social, cultural, legal and economic environments in Canada and world-wide.

UNB Saint John offers courses in four major fields of politics studies.

Canadian Politics

Study Canadian federal and provincial governments, political parties, elections, the Constitution and New Brunswick Politics.

Comparative Politics

This field's topics include area studies (such as Europe, Asia, or Africa), and comparisons of industrialized or developing states.

International Relations

Investigate international relations and world politics, including Canadian foreign policy, international organizations, human rights and globalization.

Political Theory

Coursework in this field analyzes key concepts — such as justice, democracy and equality — that are found in leading history-of-political-thought theorists.

Choose a major, double major or minor program.