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Faculty of Arts
UNB Saint John

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About our department

The Department of History and Politics is a multidisciplinary department consisting of classics, history, and politics, and course offerings allow students to do a double major focusing on Indigenous history and politics.

Whether studying cultures and societies long gone or those of today, all of these disciplines examine the exercise of power — how it is used by the powerful and how the powerless respond.

The role of elites, public policy, political culture, legal systems, international relations, the experience of minorities and many more topics are examined using perspectives drawn from the social sciences and humanities.

World-class researchers 

Our faculty members' areas of research include:

  • European social history
  • Tudor-Stuart England
  • Social and political aspects of 19th-century North American science
  • Law enforcement and the criminal justice system
  • Latin American social and economic history
  • Gender and politics
  • Sex-trade policies in Canada
  • Trade and investment policy