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Chair positions at UNB

Barrett Chair in Entrepreneurship for Digital Transformation: Based within UNB’s faculty of computer science, the Barrett Chair will advance the faculty’s mission while furthering its shared goals with the McKenna Institute to drive digital progress in New Brunswick. The position is funded by a generous $2.5 million commitment from New Brunswick business leaders and entrepreneurs, Edward (Ed) and William (Bill) Barrett, which was announced in May at the inaugural Digital Innovation Summit in St. Andrews, N.B.

Canadian Cancer Society Research Chair: The University of New Brunswick Saint John is now home to a Canadian Cancer Society Research Chair.  The Chair will be focused on bringing researchers, clinicians and cancer survivors together to find new ways to help reduce the burden of this disease.

Chair in Cannabis Health Research: The New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. have contributed equally (over five years) to establish a Health Research Chair in Cannabis at the UNB. The chair will focus on the study of biochemistry, medicinal use and pharmacology of cannabis.

Chair in Child Rights for Child Health: The chair is held within the Integrated Health Initiative (IHI) at UNB's Saint John campus. A University of New Brunswick (UNB) researcher and her team of experts say New Brunswick is the first jurisdiction to pilot a ground-breaking child’s rights monitoring platform.

Chair in Ocean Mapping: The Chair in Ocean Mapping was established at the University of New Brunswick in 1991 to expand research capabilities in the development of innovative methods to manage, process, depict and interpret ocean mapping data.

CIHR Indigenous Research Chair in Nursing: The Chair is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the New Brunswick Research Foundation, and the
Canadian Nurses Foundation. UNB's Faculty of Nursing and VP Academic committed additional funding to support Indigenous nursing students undertaking graduate studies.

Cisco Systems Chair for Big Data: This Chair works on algorithms and services for analyzing information to extract value from Big Data. This helps New Brunswick’s tourism, transportation and municipal planning sectors make informed decisions on policies and procedures.

D.C. Campbell Chair in Highway Construction and Pavement Research: This Chair was created within the Department of Civil Engineering to strengthen the institution's capabilities in education and research in the highway and pavement engineering fields. A major component is the strong graduate program with graduate degrees offered at the masters and doctoral levels.

Economic Geology Chair: The UNB Economic Geology Chair is hosted in the Dept. of Earth Sciences and is mainly focussed on research related to the formation of ore deposits and related mineral exploration research that helps find new mineral resources. The Chair has particularly strong interests in mineral resources within the Appalachian context, in particular eastern Canada and New Brunswick, although has graduate research programs in many areas of Canada and abroad.

Emera Reserach Chair in Smart Grid Technologies: In collaboration with academic and private sector partners, research and innovation from the Emera & NB Power Research Centre for Smart Grid Technologies will play a pivotal role in advancing the transformation of conventional power grids around the world.

Frederick Eaton Chair in Canadian Army Studies: The Fredrik S. Eaton Chair in Canadian Army Studies was created by Dr. Eaton in 2013 to connect citizens to the Canadian Forces and to further the professional development of the Canadian Army. The Catherine and Fredrik Eaton Charitable Foundation’s renewal of the Fredrik S. Eaton Chair will enable the Gregg Centre to build on its internationally recognized research, undergraduate and graduate teaching, public engagement, scholarly publications and expertise in all aspects of modern conflict.

J. Herbert Smith/ACOA Chair in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship: The impact of technology on systems, organizations, and people has had measurably positive consequences on productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness but it's created challenges too. The J. Herbert Smith/Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Chair in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship is the University of New Brunswick's response to these challenges.

Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centered Care: This Chair is held at UNBSJ and leads an ongoing research initiative aimed at developing and evaluating new interprofessional community-based primary healthcare models that are patient-centred.

Limerick Research Chair: The Limerick Chair is part of the Dr. J. McKenzie Limerick Pulp and Paper Research Centre.  The objectives of the Centre are to perform world-class R&D work in selected pulp and paper areas, to provide relevant education to university and industry students, to collaborate with industry and government on R&D projects, and to provide testing, technical, and library services to organizations in the Atlantic Provinces. 

Lockheed Martin Research Chair in Additive Manufacturing: This new industry-funded chair leverages earlier funding from Lockheed Martin through an Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) offset contribution that also helped establish MAMCE. UNB’s MAMCE undertakes research, innovation and training activities that promote the adoption of additive manufacturing in the industrial marine sector of Canada.

M. Patrick Gillin Chair in Construction Engineering and Management: The M. Patrick Gillin Chair in Construction Engineering and Management was established in 1987. A major component of this endowed Chair is to provide students with a better opportunity to prepare for careers in construction engineering and management and to create an industry-university liaison.

Mastercard IoT Chair: The University of New Brunswick and Mastercard have announced a partnership to advance cybersecurity research and training opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Across UNB, many cybersecurity-oriented researchers work to identify new threats and defenses, support public and private partners in securing their organizations and make the world safer.

NB Power Cybersecurity Research Chair: The Chair's research agenda will focus on minimizing cybersecurity risks and improving privacy in the emerging smart grid realm. Today’s electrical grid was built in the 1890s as a network of power transmission lines serving only to deliver electricity from the powerplant to a home or business. Since then, power grids have been greatly improved with the advancement of technology and for increasing electricity demands.

NB Power Industrial Research Chair in Smart Grid Technologies: In collaboration with academic and private sector partners, research and innovation from the Emera & NB Power Research Centre for Smart Grid Technologies will play a pivotal role in advancing the transformation of conventional power grids around the world.

OSCO Research Chair in Off-site Construction: The OSCO Chair was established through an investment by the OSCO Construction Group in 2018. The Chair provides the scientific direction for UNB's Off-site Construction Research Centre and conducts research in areas related to the industrialization and digitization of the construction industry.

Parks Canada Research Chair: Housed at UNB in Saint John, the research chair will build on the university’s strong focus and significant expertise in marine, coastal and freshwater science. Working in conjunction with Parks Canada’s Conservation and Restoration Program, in Atlantic Canada, the research chair will take a coordinated, regional approach in assessing ecological function and conservation values of restoring aquatic ecosystems.

Richard J. Currie Chair in Nanotechnology: Contributions from Bell Canada and Alcatel-Lucent enabled UNB to establish the Richard J. Currie Chair in Nanotechnology in 2007. Nanotechnology is a field that deals with atoms and molecules as building blocks for manufacturing. The interdisciplinary Chair will strengthen and solidify UNB’s ongoing research in nano-technology, contributing to the fields of materials science, biotechnology, biomedicine and engineering.

Vaughan Chair in Regional Economics: This Chair serves as the focal point of a research team of faculty members and graduate student experts in the economic, political and historical characteristics of Atlantic Canada. The Chair is located at the Department of Economics.

Research professorships

NB DNRE/Cloverleaf Professorship in Recreational Fisheries
Contact R. Allen Curry

In 1997, the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy and The Cloverleaf Foundation in partnership with the University of New Brunswick created Canada's first Professorship of Recreational Fisheries with Dr. Allen Curry occupying the position. The partnership provides the scientific support required for the management and sustainability of the socio-economically significant recreational fishing industry of Atlantic Canada. The Professorship incorporates the Assistant Directorship of the Fisheries Section of the New Brunswick Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit within UNB.

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